Can any body help me. about a month ago i came across a problem with my 2001 focus 1.6 zetec. rather than hitting the rev limiter at 7000 its somehow changed to 5500. N when it does does it the 5500 mark rather than the needle bouncing on 5500 mark it jumps down to about 4000. Since then I've notice that when im driving at about 2000 revs its acting like its miss firing. n a few times when I've gone round a corner at about 30 in 3rd the engine tries to cut out. revs just dive m i have to quickly put it into 2nd n press the accelerater all the way ro recover it. debt know if its related to the problem but a few days before these problems i was spraying intake cleaner into the for intake n sprayed too much as the engine just cut out. can anyone help or should i just scrap the car????