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Full Version: Changing Engines
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Hi a newbee here was wondering my mondeo 1.8 duratec engine its chba1 type its on 203,000 miles runs a dream but uses oil on runs after heavy driving its compression is a average of 208. Aint sure if oil rings or valve guides/stem seals being ex taxi??

Is it poss also to fit a 2ltr lump in this car as trying to get hold of a 1.8 seems like gold dust or need a lot of wonga to get 1?? regards pete
Valve stem seals are an age old problem with fords, it will be smokey and obviously use oil if these are gone.
mmm ok dosent seem to blue smoke though even on start up,i guess theres no other tests to do unless its head off???
I dont suppose any1 has tried fitting a 2ltr in a 1.8 on a duratec silver top...

But thanks 4 your reply rob kind regards pete
I'd think wether it's rings or valves there'd be smoke.
Dunno what the compression should be.
Also, would a 2ltr match up with the electronics that are in a 1.8?
If someone says "yes" keep asking until you get enough "yes's" to convince you it's safe.
have asked and seems that 2ltr engine mounts are different and that you got to change ECU ouch to looks like am looking for a 1.8 petrol duratec engine on my 2001 mondeo :-)
Dont worry about using a bit of oil it only proves its getting around ok. In the olden days if you got 100k out of an engine you must be a witch or something (sorry nobody ever got 100k it was unheard of). I have always fitted a set of Cords rings to my motors (60k on wards) to control the oil burning but who cares just buy a gallon of the cheap oil and keep topping her up.
mm yea failed on emisions ooopps
For Mondeo spare look here, is this the engine you want [url=""][/url]
mines the silver top 1 not blacktop type aint sure if it same mines chba1 type

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