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Full Version: Sat Nav Problem
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Paul Gilbert
Hi all, i wonder if you could help me with a problem with Blaunpunkt 7" touchscreen sat nav on a 58 st i got 2 months ago.
When i got it the sat nav never worked, it just said "Please insert original data carrier"
The dealer (not main dealership) i got it from said he would get me a new disk.
A month went bye and i spotted a 2008 disk for sale so i got it.
Went into secret menu to put disk in and there was a 2008 disk in there allready, ok a little scratched so i thought new disk would work. Put it in but still same error [img][/img]
Got back intouch with dealer and a few days later a 2010 disk turned up. Put it in but still same error [img][/img]
Had a look at sw/hw and it said the this.

MAIN_VER_SW: 0905_090802
NAV_VER_SW: unknown

I then found the firmware updates so i tried them. I tried 5.1 update 5.3 update and even 5.0 update, which all updated/downgraded fine, but i always have the "please insert original data carrier" and "NAV_VER_SW: unknown" errors no matter what nav disk i put in.
I have been intouch with dealer with no success yet plus they are about 120 miles away from me without any local branches.
Has anyone had this error or know a way to get it working?
Thanks Paul.
Perhaps the actual drive for the satnav disc is faulty , do you here the drive spin up?
I would go back to the garage and ask them to rectify the fault
I've no idea so i did a quick google for you;

Read this, he seems to have had the same problem I've not read through it all but seem to be getting somewhere with fixing it.


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