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Full Version: Mondeo '02 Tdci - Buying Advice / Common Faults?
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I'm wondering if anyone can pass any advice on to me, I'm looking at buying an 02 plate Mondeo TDCi. I need to know what the most common faults are in these cars -

I've heard of the clutch going around 80k? And that there is a conversion kit available for the clutch to swap to a dual mass flywheel? Is there an average mileage these tend to go at?

I've also heard of the injectors going on them, again is this around a certain mileage or is it purely dependant on how often the car is run on next to no fuel?

Are there any other faults worth looking out for when buying?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Don't think running fuel low makes any difference on the injectors, they are a common fault and going on my experience and other post's you are looking at between 70 - 100k, although there was someone who posted as having 1 on 128k and already done 2 sets of injectors. - look out for grey / white smoke indicating poorly / un-burnt diesel.
Mine has had all four replaced with brand new.

Dual mass flywheel is what are in them petrol or diesel, my mechanic mate said when he heard of the converstion to single mass that was available he thought it was a good idea. Since then he has heard that they cause a lot of trouble.
Would suggest you look out for one that has had it's dmf and clutch done, its a pricey one if you need to get it done, between £500 and £700.

Black smoke / lack of power may be an indication that the EGR valve is blocked, this can be cleaned out [not a hard job to do yourself] and blanked off if need be.

I also have heard that they are prone to broken front springs, although I have not had this problem myself.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, maybe someone else will had to the thread.
There are many people grumbling and moaning about various things in the mondeo section, but all in all they are a very nice car and go very well once they are up to par.

Hi, thank you for the advice - much appreciated!

I went to see one earlier, the bodywork was overall good condition, with little overall signs of the car having had a hard life.

On start-up the car sounded good, but as it revved while cold it miss-fired around 3k rpm until it warmed slightly, (or once the diesel that was sat in the injectors/lines had bagan moving / cleared out??) it then revved with no miss-firing issues. There was no smoke at all while it was being revved.

I also noticed evidence of an oily sump - not dripping in it but clearly there had been oil down there at some point, as it was darkened with dirt stuck to it.

Other than that, the car seemed fine listening to it tick over - I've got a test drive soon, so will know better then.

The car in question is up for £2k, its a 2002 model with 80k on the clock, good evidence of service history and is a zetec model tdci. I think it's over-priced but does appear one of the better cars I've viewed.

Cheers again.
i have just brought a 02 130 tdci ghia ,with 76000 miles ,very clean for 1850 ,fsh ,4 new tyres ,and its just had 4 new injectors ,there are a couple on ebay
flying clutchman
It's true that a new clutch and DMF will cost £500-£700, but all modern diesels have DMFs fitted and all cost this sort of money. I would reckon the best buy would be to find one for sale with a knackered clutch ( cheap of course) so that you could get it done with the money you've saved. You'd be surprised how many people will let a car go cheap because they don't want to spend money on it.
Cheers all, got one on an 03 plate, very pleased with it - clutch replaced and relatively low mileage! Just need to sort a virbation out which i think is an engine mount.
chris mitchell
had loads with the camshaft brace that the rockers sit in break away from the lover part of the cylinder head. My dad currently has 4 in the workshop :(
hi chris, would that cause noticeable problems with how the car drives, cause any noises, any warning lights to show up etc?
chris mitchell
[quote name='rob88' timestamp='1337161290' post='182811']
hi chris, would that cause noticeable problems with how the car drives, cause any noises, any warning lights to show up etc?

Yes a lack of power and a missfire as the valves will not be opening properly

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