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Full Version: Kuga Rs?
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Well after reading today that Nissan are going ahead with making the Juke-R available to order, i thought why not give them a bit of competition and make Fords Kuga an RS model ;) or they could make a little more subtle ST version if they wanted.
If Nissan could do it surely Ford could to lol! What do you guys think? :ph34r:

Here's a link to the Nissan Juke-R if you haven't already read up about it... [url=""]http://www.topgear.c...tion-2012-05-03[/url]
Personally, I think the Juke looks fugly at the best of times, but now that they have gone and sat a rhino on it, and painted it to look like a sport set, it looks worse than ever!

As for the Kuga RS, its a nice idea, one would have thought that for 4x4 and off road, it would be an excellent contender, but then again, they cant get the low centre of grabvity to push it in rally, so maybe wonder if they would make an RS for the road, but not an RS for the WRC?
Tbh I couldn't agree more. I have heard someone describe the Juke as a Micra on steroids :lol: And they light up like christmas trees from the front when silly people put there fogs on when its not foggy!

For the Kuga being a much better looking jeep im sure it'd do well in the market if they made an RS (depending on how hefty the price tag!) Im sure with some good engineering etc they'd figure out how to make it work. I might just go photoshop a Kuga to look like an RS and walk into Ford and say "Make it... pleaseee! :D"
lol sounds like a plan!
Ford dont need an RS version to compete with the Juke. You would have to be on serious medication to buy such a discusting ugly piece of four wheeled junk in the first place.

You may be able to tell that I dont like the Juke much. The rest of the Nissan family range is pretty poor as well.
I am now unofficially renaming this thread to the Juke sucks thread, where hatred towards the vehicle is welcome...

My wife actually described it as a rhino, and actually, she has a point...
...And thats the run of the mill juke...

What you dont realise is, the car has gone round the TG track, as you can see its currently on three wheels, but I recon they took the photo only a few seconds before it rolled over...
After one of my friends said her parents have just bought a Juke i've been trying to refrain myself from saying anything about it!
God knows what the designer of the awful thing was thinking!

[quote name='jeebowhite' timestamp='1336148405' post='180862']
I am now unofficially renaming this thread to the Juke sucks thread, where hatred towards the vehicle is welcome...[/quote]

Haha, everyone feel free to express your feelings towards the Juke and the good ones ofcourse to the Kuga :D

Well it being a rhino and all maybe when we see it on three wheels it was trying to head for the watering hole or wanting someone to rub its belly! lol! ^_^

I'd laugh if a Juke owner came across this thread, i'm sure it'd make them feel welcome. :rolleyes:
It got its name because they couldnt make up their minds at Nissan wether to call it the Joke or the Puke.
The wheel arches look terrible , looks a total after thought when some one put wider wheels on and realized they were too wide.

Only one Nissan currently worth looking at is the 370Z , now thats a nice car.

The price for Ford to make more RS , does not make sense , i would rather buy a proper sports car then pay for an RS model , yes they look good but when they are based on a family hatchback then it kinda takes the cream off it.
But you know what looks even better???

A Nissan Juke bursting in to Flames


i would also like to add that Renault Bought Nissan around two years ago people,
so Nissan wont ever be what they used to.
One of my colleagues bought a Juke on the same day as I got my car.
God it's ugly.
Nice interior though.
I modified his badge with a judiciously placed strip of tin foil.
Always thought it was spelt wrong anyway.
Told him that if he'd saved his overtime he could have afforded the quashkai (or whatever the hell it's called).
I remind him on a regular basis. ;)
That is one nice Kuga and a large improvement of the Juke! ^_^

Haha Stoney like the tin foil 'joke' :lol: I may have to do this if i ever see my mates one, I'm sure she'd love me for that!
lol, some good feedback, loving the Joke that spontaneously combust... that must have been one narked off rhino to combust like that!!

It kind of worries me that Renault bought Nissan... does that mean all that Jap trustworthy quality has now fallen to Renault's frenchness?

The Kuga RS does look impressive, but I have to say Stoney, I think your right, the rhino is just that poor mans Quashqai, which I think is a good looking monster truck...
Ah Renault, look funky but terrible electrics.
Another oppo of mine drives a 56 plate Laguna and keeps snapping his key cards.
200 a time and has to wait for it to come from France.
I had a Laguna for a short while. Comfy to drive but as Stoney pointed out the electrics are not great. The heater control decided to melt on mine whilst driving down the M1.
Yeah the french cars as a general I have found are poor strength materials (9/10 times, a small accident will result in an ugly mess) and the electronics tend to be poorly designed (as has already been stated), otherwise, few have problems with the mechanics of the car, 9/10 times related to the engine or ECU issues).

These are the findings of yet to come across more than a single peugot owner I know who is satisfied entirely with their car, two have had the rcz and regret it. One who owns the 306 who doesnt like it, however there is the exception to the rule that I know one woman who likes her 306 and other than her clutch thrust bearing going pop, she loves her car :)

Citroens... well... I owned the AX which was the best of the bunch, my mother owned the Saxo... never again!

I know one person who owns the megane though and seem to think its not too bad!
Kuga Kev
The kuga is a much better looking car then the Nissan Juke that's why I have got the Kuga. ^_^
I think the closest you will ge to a RS Kuga is a Titanium X with a 2.5. petrol engine. :P
P.S. I love the Photoshop picture of the kuga on the previous page.

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