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Full Version: Pot Holes, Help Fix The Problem With This Link
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I have been using 'Fix My Street' for reporting pot holes in my locality for three years now with great results. The pot holes I have notified them have usually been fixed within a week. The more peps report these sometimes dangerous pot holes the better. Use this link and place in your 'Favourites' bar on your browser.
The problem is... the councils idea of fixing it is patching it up... and over time it will crumble and crack again.

But yes, it does help I suppose! Will report a few, LOADS around here.
Thank you adamc260 the more the merrier! If only more people would fill out the FixMyStreet form then the roads would be a smoother and safer place. So far I have had a 100% repair response from Lincolnshire CC. OK its a repair but just lately they have been going the extra 'mile' and making a much better job of it. Thanks anyway.
The problem around my area is not pot hole's it's damn speed ramps they do just as much damage
Speed Ramps? we dont have those in Lincolnshire. We do have very deep dykes both sides of the road and if you were ever unlucky to drive into one of wont come out again.
You want to try Plymouth, the roads are almost undrivable.
Speed bumps, potholes, too many traffic lights, chicanes and average speed cameras.
Just to get to work I have to drive past 9 speed cameras and 19 sets of lights all within 2 1/2 miles.
Few years ago when I only rode a bike the roads were lovely and straight, now I can't go more than 100 metres without hitting a flaming mini roundabout.
I'm waiting for the Council to introduce congestion charging so they can really foul it up for good.
Kuga Kev
I have a large pot hole outside my house may get on to them if it don't get fixed. :blink:
Who ever thought of putting traffic lights on a roundabout? Thats why roundabouts were invented for...DOH!!!

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