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Hi all,

I have just placed an order on some fitted seat covers from
They will be black and white (fake) leather, similar to the Audi S3 or Volvo style black and white seats.
I will post back with some updates but they may take upto 20 days to arrive due to being custom made.
Hey mate, did your seat covers arrive yet? I had been looking at this site myself but would love to see some pics of them in place before I take the plunge!
Hi mate,
Not arrived yet, took me a while to sort out what I wanted and to get the money together but ordered last weekend and was informed of up to a 3 week wait as they are custom made. Then will be notified once they are sent. Really recommend them, good communication over email, guy called Lucio.
Don't blame you for waiting mate, I'll defo get some pics up ASAP
cheers mate, will look forward to seeing them in your car! ^_^
Okay so my seat covers are due to arrive tomorrow, will probably fit on Friday though as I have the day booked off :D

Had a slight manufacturing problem as the tailors put a hole for lumbar support lever on both front seats, but my focus only has this on the drivers seat. This was spotted before they were dispatched yesterday and the guy I was in contact with, Lucio, has ordered a new passenger seat cover to be made and sent out to me within the next week. He also offered to send the faulty one for now so I can get the others fitted :) All done free of charge too :D

Very pleased with the customer service, not got long to wait until I find out if the covers are any good :S
Okay so got the covers fitted yesterday and this morning. took a bit longer than expected but well worth it :)

Just unpackaged on the table

Then some before (sprry for bad quality, took at night using iPhone :S

And after

Any coments or questions welcome :)
they do look good but the price is a bit much for what they are
just saw the seats mate - they look fab - just wondering did it take long to fit the covers and did you need to take out the seats?

.....and how do they look 4 weeks later....what are you`re opinions now....would you recommend.

Again, great mod, I think it makes a great job out of the car - have the same orginal seats in mine and not crazy bout them!!
Hi mate, They were easy enough to fit, didn't need to remove any of the seats at all, well the headrests but their simple enough haha.

Yeah still loving them, the pictures really don't do them justice at all. Everyone who has seen them thought they were completely new seats. Only issue I have is my belt I use on my work trousers leaves black marks on the whit bits, but comes off easy enough with mr muscle and a bit of elbow grease haha

Would defiantly recommend, and the best part is you can have any colour, material, stitching you chose although that's all price dependant. I went somewhere in the middle but if buying again I might go for some half leather half alcantera at a higher price :S
Paddy H
I really really like them, i just can't come to terms with the price. I guess more you pay better the quality. I do like them alot, looks like a whole new set of seats indeed.
Dont think the price is to bad considering you would pay 350/450 for second hand half leather seats off the bay and you can choose your own colours
how much did these cost mate? they look the business :D been looking for somewhere decent to get some for mine. was looking at some universal ripspeed ones but they would cover the fold down armrest in the back seats and the pockets on the back of the front seats so its a no go. ebays no good for tailored seat covers.
Hey glad to know you like :)
Was kind of a leap of faith, but in my eyes it's deffinately paid off
They were 245 I think plus shipping at about 8 If I remember correctly.
The rear map pocket is standard I think, check if you order, but can come without if you wish. You really can order them to suit your needs :P
Saw a full RS Mk2 seat set go for nearly 1000 on eBay so 250 for all your own options.
hi mate, just being drooling over your seats :P !!! good job they are leather lol!!!

one final question mate if I may? are the seats all finished in leather or is the middle bit alcantara or fabric? are they ok with the airbags in the seat? and have they held in place? cheers

I actually think the price is quite reasonable for what appears to be a quality custom made to order product. Good that you are not messing with swapping seats and then having old seats to get rid of to achieve this look.

I am very tempted to see can they replicate an ST syle trim & color combo for me.

Will keep all posted if I take the plunge.....great find btw :)
On mine the middle section is leather, well it's leatherette not real leather but as good as, covered them in some maguires leather protector so now they smell like it too haha.
Yeah I didn't want to go for fabric just as its easier to keep clean, just litterealy brush off any
Dirt, and I have used cif on the white sections to remove a stain leaving no mark behind :)

All I can say is the longer they have been in the more comfortable they get. After havIng them fitted for a week I 'massaged' the support areas and they seemed to loosen up as we're a bit tight to start off with. No sagging or anything just take a while to bed in, need a bit of adjustment the first few weeks.

Just make sure you take your time to fit them as if rushed they might crease. Looking forward to see how you get on, let them know I recommended them too :D
they tidy mate really thinking of getting some now, which range is yours?
Mine were the Tiffany range mate. Got any ideas what colour you'd have. Also they do a double decorative stitching option for about 15 quid more, I didn't go for it only because I didn't have the extra 15 quid :S
Thought so mate think those are what I was looking at. Sounds boring but I'm thinking about black round the outside with grey in the middle. For not much more I could probably get some nice enough bucket seats so I'm not sure what to do :wacko:
Not too keen on bucket seats myself, feel too enclosed and low down not comfy for 6 foot 3
You could always go for the buckets and get rear covers to match at a lower price :S
Save buying just the buckets and the back looking plain
ha im only 6ft :( so not as bad i suppose. i know, i dont like buckets that much either but i saw sone quite nice ones somewhere so i'm tempted. thats what i was planning on doing if i get some, getting some for the back to match

Hey, how are these holding up? Sorry im a bit late on this topic but ive just got myself a Focus Estate (ex Police Car) and my drivers seat is a bit worn. Was thinking of getting some.

He doesn't have his focus anymore.

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