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Full Version: Thinking Of Buying A Fusion, Advice
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Wee Man

I currently have a 4x4 and commute 40 miles on country roads to work, so needs must and I need something cheaper to run.

We have 2 kids (11 & 8), I sail boats (18ft Catamaran weighing 180kg plus trailer) so need a towbar.

I've never owned a Ford before but I'm seriously considering a 55 plate Fusion 1.4 TDCI with 45k miles on the clock it's in a local garage at £5175.

I'd very much appreciate any tips or things to look for?

Does anyone tow with a Fusion, if so how does it perform?

What's it like as a family car?

Many thanks

Wee Man
Have no concerns about the Fusion as a family car. It is try many people call it a "Fiesta on Vitamins" or worse, but actually the car is very confortable in the back seats, manily if you find the Fusion+ version.

I am bit more concerned about the boat. I don't have a tow on mine, and no experience with boats, but I don't reckon the car will be up to the job (I own the 1.4 TDCI)
Wee Man
Thanks for the reply,
The boat towing isn't such a big issue, I'll just have to get my helm to do all the towing :-)
I've pretty much convinced myself that the Fusion ticks enough the boxes, will be easy to live with and should pay for itself compared to the truck I have at the moment.
Wee Man
I've bought it, drive home was very pleasant, kids and wive love it.

I think we'll be very happy.

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