i have a escort 1.4 on a R REG.
i have just started having problems with starting the engine. sometimes when i turn the key i get nothing as if the imobiliser has kicked in. if i take the key out and try again it will start.
then this morning i went out to warm the car up before taking the kids to school and it started first time. after about 10mins i took the key out to lock the house door and went back and tried to start it.
the engine fired up but wouldnt start. it tried but just get the 'spark' needed to start and run.
i left it a few hours and tried again still the same problem. tried to start but wouldnt run.
one of my neighbours said he thinks my automatic choke is stuck on and try starting it with my foot to the floor on the throtle.
it started when i did this.

is it the choke that is stuck or could it be anything else???

any help is appreciated.