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Full Version: Rattling/knocking In Engine 2004 Tdci
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Hi all,

Recently bought a 2004 (04 plate) 2.0 ltr TDCi hatchback and it's got a rattling/knocking when idle and sometimes when in a low gear going slowly.

Looking at the engine, I can't see anything obvious that is rattling. When idle, if I put my foot on the clutch then the noise completely goes. Having a bit of a look through this forum can this be related to the DMF? If I rest my foot on the clutch pedal, but with no pressure on it, then I can feel the vibrations of the knocking too - I don't feel it on the other pedals.

I do hear the noise when in 2nd gear and going very slow around a car park for example.

Any help and avice with this would be much appreciated. I'm not very mechanically minded, but I am learning slowly!

Would rather get help and tips from here first rather than taking it to a mechanic that will charge me the earth to probably just look at it!!

Thanks in advance

Ok, had someone look at it today and it is indeed the dual mass flywheel.

It also needs to have the rear subframe replacing as well - not sure if this would be an MOT failure or not?

I was just wondering what people's thoughts were - is it worth spending the money on getting it all done? It's got 170,500 on the clock but it does drive very nicely. Or is it better off selling it for a loss!?
Would'nt have thought the subframe needs replacing unless it is particularly corroded, probably the subframe bushes need doing and they would be an mot failure, no clue of the cost of this.
DMF is a pricey one, you would get the clutch done at the same time, probs £500 - £700 quid.

Thanks for the reply - the guy said to me that the subframe bushes were really knackered. Said it would be easier to replace the whole subframe. Not sure if this is true or whether he is just trying to get some extra cash in his pocket!! Quoted me about £300 including labour to do it.

What's the pros and cons on getting a DMF conversion kit to take it to a solid state one? Is it worth it?
MY mechanic mate said he thought they were a good idea when he first heard of them, but since then he has heard / found that they can cause a lot of problems.
I would steer clear, ford would not have designed them with dual mass if they did'nt need to.
Well, I ended up selling this car - for a loss, but that was expected. Was genuine to the person I sold it to, but he was happy enough as he wanted a bit of a project to do and was more than happy to invest his time and money into doing it!

I ended up buying another Mondeo yesterday - this time a 53 plate 130 TDCi 6 speed and for a decent price too.

Thankfully, I told a friend that I was going to have a look at it and he said that he knew someone that worked for the RAC (wish I had known this before I looked at the other one!). He came and had a look at it for me, connected it to his laptop etc and found no faults, and said that it was a very decent car at a very decent price.

So, one happy Mondeo owner now!
post some pic's then.
At the moment it's nothing special. I certainly need to get some alloys for it, that is no major rush.


Looks a nice tidy vehicle.
I'm sure you will be tempted by some mods after being on this forum for a couple of weeks.
Absolutely! Have already eyed up a couple!!

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