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Full Version: Fiesta Oil To Coolant System Transfer
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:wacko: Hi,
I have a 2000 1.8 TDI Fiesta with the old problem of oil filling the water system. have read all available info, head is good, oil cooler pressure check is good, engine running fine with no power loss. The only other place I can think of where oil/water come together is the Turbo, but don't know for sure if turbo is water cooled. Anyone know about this please and is it a common problem ?
Thanks for any input.
Hi moonburn, I have owned turbo diesels but none have ever been water cooled. Usually they are fed by an oil pipe to lube the bearings thats why they say dont rev it before you turn the engine off. You say the 'head is good' how do you know? Have you had a 'sniffer test' done on your coolant? This will tell if your head gasket has gone (I would think that this is your problem). A reputable garage can carry out this test. Take a look at this...

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