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Full Version: 2009 Focus Zetec S
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Hi all
I'm about to trade in my fiesta Zetec s and get a focus Zetec s as I want something bigger. Both cars are 09 reg. does the focus have an aux in/ mp3 port? I can't find out anywhere.

chris mitchell
The focus should have a basic connection thats in the glove box. Unless it has some sort of comms pack

Have a google for ford eTIS and enter the reg on Vehicle look up and then click for info under the picture of the car. This is the build log for that car
my focus zetec has an aux plug for a 3.5mm jack plug in the glovebox. car is a 58 plate.
Thank you for your replies that is good to know. I've put a deposit down but won't get to test drie it until Monday. So is there anything I need to watch for when I do. It's a 1.8 with 22000 miles on the clock. Looks like its been well cared for from the outside at least.

The aux-in port is on the top of the glove compartment, just a hole surrounded by a grey disk, doesn't really look like one but it is!

Mine had a faulty auxilliary belt tensioner which they replaced under warranty, along with the aux belt itself. I think it's quite a common issue.

Have a listen to the engine starting and running when cold. It will make a clicky/squeeky noise if it's on the way out. It also caused an intermittent problem when slowing down and disengaging the clutch, the revs would increase steadily until pretty high, then drop back down to normal.

Also check for rust caused by the rear window washer pipe rubbing on the bodywork at the top of the boot.
Nice car paramaniac, nice choice of colour ;). I just picked up my car the other day traded up from a fiat punto evo (bad car, bad customer service). I didnt think mine had a aux port at first, its set back a bit in the glove box next to a cut out that i thought the aux would have been fitted in to.

I had the same spot of rust in my boot at the top. Ford touched it up for me before i took it of them and it looks fine now.

Did you end up going for a Focus Zetec s itsrelfy, If so is it petrol/diesel and what do you think of it?
Likewise Lewism, although you have the nicer alloys :( I looked at buying some but they are way too expensive to buy new, about £700 + tyres!
Im looking on getting a set of RS wheels for it but im not a 100% sure yet. I will let you know if i am getting rid of them though.
I think RS alloys would look mint, and yes would be very interested :)
Hi guys,

Nice to see a few more zetec s owners on here :)


Did you ever get round to viewing / purchasing the Focus?

@lewism & paramaniac

Both got stunning cars :) Zetec S is the best :P

Personal opinion, but I much prefer the 17" ZS alloys than the 18" ZS ST lookalike ones, if upgrading to 18's then I'd go for the proper ST ones.
Also the RS ones look real good on the Zetec S, This guy has put some on his Red ZS, not sure if there the proper RS ones
Yeah might consider getting some non-genuine ST 18" alloys if Lewism won't give his up :)

The alloy spokes on that red ZS look thinner than the genuine RS alloys. Personally I hate black alloys! I like what he's done with the exhaust though, I want to do the same but on one side only.
I went and drove and it was very nice but I couldn't convince myself that I liked it enough to part wih my fiesta. The focus was a really nice car I hav to say. Very quiet and a smoother ride when compared to the fiesta. But I kind of like the firmness and the chuckability of my fiesta. And I couldn't really justify giving my self an extra 2 years of finance on top of the 3 I still have on the fiesta as I'm just buying my first place to live. Give it another year and I may start looking again, I was very impressed though.

Just a quick question would 8900 be a good price for a 59 plate with 15000 miles on the clock. Seems like it from what I've read. Seen another silver one I like the look of. It's tempting me!!!
Moondust silver is a good colour for the zetec s mate,

Seems a decent price to me.
I payed 10650 for 1.6 in white 60 plate, had 19500 miles on it and that was like 7 months ago.
The focus is a much sturdier car and in my opinion the Zetec S looks better than the fiesta, especially with a few small mods like the drls :)
Hope it goes well whichever route you take

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