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Hi guys,

Picked up my new fiesta metal in Frozen white with the black alloys. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to cleaning properly and wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what I would need and how to do it ha?

Any help would be awesome


Have you had the smart guard coating applied to the car by ford?
No I don't think so. Ha

Ben x
I have the coating and when you have it applied its suppose to come with a cleaning kit! which is quite handy. (you can have this coating applied after purchase if you are interested)

I used turtle wax products on my last car (you can buy the set with shampoo, wax, wheel clearner, interior cleaner and cloths from halfords) .

I start by washing the car with a bucket of soapy water and then agian with a bucket of plain water, after this i use a ringed out shammy and give the car a once over to remove water streaks. When using the shampoo water wash the alloys after the car and the same process applies for the clean water and shammying.

Other people might have better ways to clean cars but thats how i do it, but im open for other iseas too!!
Awesome, what about clay bars etc which iv seen som people mention and keeping the exhaust pipes clean?

Such an idiot when it comes to this stuff, just wanna make sure I look after it

I have bever cleaned my exhaust so i can comment on that, sorry.

With regards to the clay bars ive just read that they remove the dirt from the paint to leave a nice clean surface to apply the wax on...dont supose this would cause a problem but if you were removing a hard peice of dirt it could scratch the paint whilst doing so. However if the car is new i dont see the point in using them really just wax everytime you wash if needed and wash the car regularly to stop brake dust and dirt from building up (if you have silver alloys brake dust will break down the alloy and you will have permanent black marks on them)

At the end of the day it is up to you how much and to what quality you want to wash and keep ypu car clean so go with what you feel comfortable and to keep the car in excellent condition!

I wrote this some time ago but it's still valid now...


Just to add my 2p to some of Tash's comments - waxing the car every time you wash is a waste of product. Well applied wax should last weeks and months.

The 'coatings' offered by dealers I'm afraid are a waste of time and money in my opinion. They are basically synthetic sealants and cannot possibly expect to last as long as the manufacturers claim (even when 'topped up').

Regarding clay - it's used to remove bonded contaminants that you cannot always see. The car should be clean before this is done, so 'large' pieces of grit should already be gone. I clay once every 6 months now, and also use a tar remover and iron filing remover.

My best tips for keeping your paint great (and my car looks immaculate with nearly 60,000 miles behind it - I'm sure other members will vouch for this :D ) are the two bucket method and use of quality products (especially shampoo). Oh, and if you use alloy cleaner, ensure it's acid free.
Thanks DanGull, some good comments there, i dont wax my car as this 'coating' requires you not to (i got it added to the car for free) so should i still wax it every now and again?
Mark M.K
I'd clay the car to remove the stuff the dealer put on (there is a good chance they never applied it correct anyway). That way you can get a clean base of polish, then a top coat of a good wax. Then after that a good sealent every couple of months will ensure the car's protection stays strong.

For example, Dodo Red Mist Tropical is one of the best sealents on the market. You can use it on it's own without waxing to get around 1-2 month's protection.

You should only need to wax a car every 3-4 months, depending on the wax. In between that, a quick detailer or sealent will do just fine.
Ross M
Hello All,

I have recently purchased a S1600 that I transformed from the day I picked it from the dealer. Firstly I only use Megs products (I have found these best and value for money).

I washed it using next gen shampoo, then clayed it with the Megs quick clay kit (quick detailer, clay bar and a clean microfibre cloth are all thats required).

I then applied next gen liquid wax with a foam applicator pad and another clean microfibre cloth.

I will upload some pictures as this as I said transformed the car. I thought it was clean until I clayed it, and now it has been done, it will not need doing for a good few months. I usally apply wax every couple of months.

I hope that this helps anyone!

P.S for cleaning up exhausts, megs do a metal polish that really works wonders. Again this transformed the dull and matted pipes into there original state.

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