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Full Version: KA Problems - Misfire/Hesitation & Clutch Knocking
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I have 2 problems on my Ford KA:

1) When the clutch is pressed down I hear a knocking from the clutch/engine area. Any ideas? This noise goes away once I'm in gear.

2) When the car has been used for a period of time and the engine is hot I get a really bad misfire/hesitation(?), especially when the car is under load (hill, fifth gear at 40 etc). I've changed the plugs, leads, distributor and MAP sensor. any other ideas?

your first problem sounds like a clutch/thrust bearing problem.

hot missfires is usually caused by plugs,leades or coil packs breaking down. were the parts fitted genuin parts as i have herd of cheaper parts causing problems.
It the engine sounding really tapperty? If it does dont drive it and get the tappets adjusted, otherwise the bottom of the followers will get damaged....cost me 600 to fix
I thought it might be a bearing prob.
You know when it is seriously wrong when you hear that sound (like some one is hitting your engine hard with a hammer)constantly, in gear or not.

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