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Full Version: Porblem Need Help ???
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hi guys new here so hello to all .....ive got a bit of a problem ive been down to have a look at a mondeo 2.0 tdci 115 on a 52 shes a high miler at 144000 but shes in good nick....the old man and i took jump leads down to her because the battery was flat managed to get it started on first tick but piles of white smokes was coming out of the exhaust nothing under bonnet though we left her run for about 15 mins but constant white smoke as you rev harder the worse it gets any ideas on what could be the problem and am i talking telephone numbers to fix it. thanks guys
Information on white smoke:

[b]White smoke occurs when raw diesel comes through the exhaust completely intact and unburned. Some causes of this include…[/b][list]
[indent=1][b]Faulty or damaged injectors[/b][/indent]
[indent=1][b]Incorrect injection timing (could be a worn timing gear or damaged crankshaft keyway).[/b][/indent]
[indent=1][b]Low cylinder compression (eg caused by leaking or broken valves, piston ring sticking, cylinder and/or ring wear, or cylinder glaze)[/b][/indent]
[b]When white smoke occurs at cold start, and then disappears as the engine warms up, the most common causes are fouling deposits around piston rings and/or cylinder glazing. [/b]

[b]Water entering combustion spaces will also create white smoke. Faulty head gaskets and cracked cylinder heads or blocks are a common cause of water entry, and are often to blame. Unfortunately, expensive mechanical repair is the only proper solution [/b]
ai well thats exactly what we have done i suspected a turbo problem or injectors but looking for sound advice cheers pal

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