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Full Version: A/c Not Working
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The Joker
Hi all.

The Air Conditioning on my son's 2007 1.8 Tdci is not working. The light on the button works OK but I cannot hear the compressor? cut in or out.
As he's at Uni i've had a word and he says it's never been good but again is unsure if the compressor cuts in and out.
I've had a look at the relevant fuse in the engine bay which is OK. I think I've identified the associated relay that goes with it but this isn't clicking either.
Could it be out of gas which is causing non operation?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If the refrigerant is low then the AC pump will not engage to prevent damage to the system.
A good local garage will be able to test, drain, lubricate and regas the system for you.
What he said :D
It will probably get away with a re-gas, but as Stoney suggests, you may as well get the system done properly, especially as its 5 years old now and has probably never been done.
just cross your fingers none of the pipes have snapped like mine suffered a while back
Standard routine is to drain off any old refrigerant then the system is inspected for breaks or leaky seals/joints.
The system is pressure tested and then regassed which includes adding some lubricant in the pipes to condition the pump and seals.
not sure about others but the ti vct doesnt have aircon that cuts in and out it has a vss pump which regulates the amount of refridgerant
Its a good idea to run the air-con at least once a month saves seals drying out (I think). Im a window open kinda person.
I agree and me too.
The Joker
Thanks very much for your advice. Will get it checked and re-gassed this week.


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