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Full Version: 03 Mondeo - Rumble From Engine At Low Rpm
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I've got a mondeo on an '03 plate with 83k on the clock, full service history and recently had a new clutch. I've noticed a rumble that occurs at low rpm - as if as the engine virates under load it rumbles against something else - say an engine mount, exhaust, or one of the plastic covers.

The problem is that I can't figure our what is causing the vibrate / rumble. Does anyone have any experience with this?

The noise is a non-consistent rumble around 1200-2000 rpm and occurs through each gear. If I literally feather the accellerator and put the engine under little to no load the noise doesn't occur. Likewise when I accelerate hard the noise is over in a second as the revs pick up quickly - the more I give the engine a bit of accelleration to put it under load the more it happens.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Thanks in advance,

I notice a few posts regarding an engine mount at the back of the engine - I originally thought this could be an engine mount issue and I'm hoping nothing more!!

Does anyone know if these can simply be tightened for the time being before replacing the whole unit?


HI .
have a similar vibration that I hear on tickover, but when I left the revs slightly it smooths out and the vibration noise goes.
I am getting the engine / gearbox support mount done at the weekend. [Ford only supply approx £65]
Hoping that this will sort the problem, it definitely has movement in it.
The other possibility is the crank shaft pulley, I am told that this is a fairly common failure along with the aux belt tensioner and associated pulleys. Crank pulley is approx £100 on its own, with the tensioner kit including all the other pulleys at around £180 + Labour - not a cheap fix.
Keeping fingers crossed.
Hi Simon,

Thanks for the post, please let me know how you get on after having the support mounts replaced! I notice in my service history there is evidence of there being work done on the crank shaft for around £300 - I can't remember exactly what but it sounds familiar - hoping I can rule everything out down to it being just the engine mount. Something that should hopefully cost me a lot less!

Check that the turbo pipe low down on the right as you look at it of the engine is not catching on the chassis
Would that be the metal one? I noticed where there is a pipe that comes down the back o the engine, it meets a rubber hose with a drip of oil on it, would that be the one you are referring to?

I've noticed a bit more smoke just recently when the turbo is working, I'm wondering if it is a pipe off the turbo that has come loose, causing the random rumble and a slight increase of smoke..

Also, I let the engine tick over earlier, while stood at the drivers side I looked down at the belt & pulleys where the noise seems to be more prominent (compared to the passenger side) the pulleys didn't seem to have any movement at all, but randomly I could hear the noise creeping in - I could see the belt vibrate visually but couldn't see any real movement in the pulleys.
Yep thats the one I mean
Ok cheers for posting, will look tomorrow, should also get chance to have it up on the ramp tomorrow. Ive got a feeling it's one of the following: tensioner/pulley, an engine mount or as you say the turbo pipe catching on the chassis.

thanks again
Had it on the ramp, nothing touching, no loose engine mounts, mechanic said it wasn't any of the pullies and it's not the clutch - stumped!!

It sounds like something is making contact as the engine experiences a certain bit of movement between 1-2k rpm.

There is an intake pipe into the air box - I'm wondering if it's this that is loose and vibrates... Or if when the clutch was out a part that had to come out hasnt gone back in as it should.

The search continues!
Dual mass flywheel? was it replaced when the clutch was done?
Sure was, the noise doesn't change when dipping the clutch and it doesn't occur going down through the gears. I'm hoping it's something insignificant that's causing the vibration!

Cheers for the post!
The noise also occurs more so when turning right rather than when turning left, and only happens when the engine vibrates naturally from accellerating through the revs. Under very gentle accelleration it doesn't happen, and appears less when revving quicker - it's sort of somewhere in the middle where there are enough revs to rock the engine a little that it appears to catch & cause the vibration/rumble - several people who've sat inside say it sounds like its from the middle of the engine.
if it was the aux belt playing up it would be more of a drumming sound that usually disappears at around 1100 revs,as mentioned the other cause could be the lower intercooler pipe vibrating off the subframe, this is cured by putting some foam padding in between the pipe and subframe.

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