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Full Version: Tempremental Understeer ('03 Fiesta)
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I have had an '03 Fiesta (Mk6) for about a year and in the last month I have noticed some understeer about 60% of the time.

It seems worse when I turn right than left, and at lower speeds

Power steering fluid hasn't moved, tyres are all in good nick and I checked the pressures this morning. I am going to get the tracking done at the weekend as its slightly off.

Can anyone give me any ideas what might be wrong with it? Or just reassure me that its not going to need a new steering rack!
Any recommendations of decent, not too expensive garages around South Birmingham would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, First welcome to the Forum.
As it's biased to one side it probably is tracking.
I think you're starting in the right place by getting the tracking realigned.
That should make a difference to the handling but if the difference isn't huge at least you would have eliminated one possible cause.
Get them to check the track arm rods and all the links at the same time just to be sure.
Hope that's helpful.
Thanks. I got it tracked, it was slightly off on one side. I then went and got the brakes checked, and the rear drivers side brake had seized. It drove ok for about half a day and now I think its seized again in the rain and I am not convinced that the steering is any better.

I think I might be being paranoid so I am going to get a friend who used to have the same car, and a colleague who has an 06 one to give it a spin to put my mind at ease.

I need a decent garage really who will put up with me pointing and things and asking questions.

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