Hi, I've got a 51 plate 2.0TDDI Mondeo with 153k on the clock. It recently developed an intermittent starting problem, it wouldn't start first turn, but would after. This has developed to a point where it won't start. I've replaced the fuel filet and glow plugs, took out the crankshaft sensor, it had metal filing on it, cleaned it up, put it back in. No joy initially but the a couple of weeks later it started, ran for a couple fo days, then the fault returned. I've bought an F-scan diagnostics and the following codes turned up
P1665 Injection pump control module communications
P1608 Watchdog (ECU?) malfunction
P0216 Injector/injection timing control circuit

Anyone have any ideas?

Once she's running (back when she would start) she ran like a dream, it's only on start up and not only cold start.