Can any one help please, approx 12 months ago the following ceased to work on my wifes escort:

Rear window heater not working(no switch illumination)
electronic boot switch not working
both electronic door mirrors not moving
a local garage reported a damaged main fuse curcuit board due to damp - we had this replaced as new costing 300

now we have the same problems back again i have replaced the curcuit board again with a second hand one and still the same probs which leads me to believe that it wasnt the curcuit board in the first place, i have carefully stripped the curcuit board i took out of the car (only 12 months old) and it seems fine (no sign of damp)

with the second hand curcuit board in, if i press the electronic boot switch i hear a small noise from the boot as if it is trying to open and the rear window heater switch on the dash illuminates,

if i press the rear window heater switch (whilst the car is running) i can hear the relay clicking in the curcuit board

and the door mirrors do not work at all

can any body please help me