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Full Version: Over Rev On Idle After Reconecting Batery
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Hi, first post.

Well the questions in the title.

Bought my 1.6 LX a month ago and was all good. The engine bay was a rather dirty so I cleaned everything up, including disconnecting the battery terminals and cleaning those and re greasing.

Reconnected after about 15 mins and now when I switch engine on it idles around 1500-2000 rpm. I thought nothing of it so I went for a drive, and at every junction I come to a stop its still idled to high. But after about 5 seconds its settles back down to 850 rpm (or whatever its meant to be). In my opinion 5 seconds is too long.

Now then, when I was cleaning the engine bay I was moving a few pipes and cables out of their clips (the ones that run accross top of engine) to properly clean and using a bit of wd40 to polish them. (I may of on purposely accedently sprayed some on the air flow sensor, would that effect anything?). I may of dislodged the accelerator cable out of place.
Just need some advice on this to see if its a common problem n if its just coincedence that's its happened now but it has been since disconnecting battery. I've disconnected it since for about 2 hours to see if it will fix but it hasn't.

Sorry for the long post first post.

Hope someone can help.
Oh, and sometimes it won't even settle down to the proper rpm speed.
I know its common when engine is cold but I've been for hour long drives n does it every time I come to stop
Garry, you may need to get it scanned to see if it shows any fault codes. I would also recheck the engine bay to see if there are any loose wires. Like you said, the WD40 may have got into the airflow sensor and it may need cleaning with alcohol wipes or a cleaner of some sort.
sounds like the ICV is sticking (idle control valve)
i take it the ICV will be mounted somewhere around the throttle body. Ill give the Air flow sensor, IDV and the butterfly thingy in the thottle a good clean.
This must of been something ive done as the odds would be massive if something coincidently failed at the time i disconnected the battery.
[quote name='stef123' timestamp='1337283840' post='183105']
sounds like the ICV is sticking (idle control valve)

good call Stef. if it is clogged then a good clean should sort it out.
The fact that a rather dirty engine bay was washed out, would have flushed dust and dirt and other cack around the bay and likely would have got caught in the ICV as Stef suggested.
right, ive had a little look and a play around with the few things, i havnt cleaned anything up yet but i will do that tomoz.
I noticed that when i disconnect the ICV electrical connector (while the engine was idleing high) the revs dropped back to the correct idle speed, and then when i reconnected it, there was only just a slight increase, but then if i revved it back up it will settle around 12/1300 RPM.
By disconnecting this plug, does this idicate that the ICV is faulty/clogged up??

Also, theres another electrical plug that goes into what looks like a sensor (with 2 torx screws mounting it the the throttle body) i take it thats the throttle speed sensor (correct me if im wrong) after disconnecting that nothing happens.

Before i spend anything on replacement parts i will clean things up first.

Does anyone agree that its the ICV thats the culprit?
Am having the same problem, so am waiting to read replies.

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