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Full Version: Blaupunkt Stereo Sat Nav
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Hi, i have recently changed the cd6000 stereo in my ford focus for a new blaupunkt stereo sat nav. Everything is fine except the button dont light up when i put the lights on and the screen doesn't dim. If i have the engine off and turn the stereo on, it lights up fine but start the engine and they go off. I've looked at the data for the unit and these two aspects are controlled by the data network. What can i do to get it to work.
The screen dims only if your dash lights are dimmed. Try turning the lights on and dimming the dash lights, and the screen should dim at the same time.

Not sure how you can sort the other issue as it sounds like it may be linked to the cars GEM unit which needs to be programmed.

Is everything else working as the Focus's that were built with the unit in have a larger display between the dials which also gives you the next turn so you dont have to look at the main screen?

Also, where did you put the satnav receiver?

The unit is also part of the comms pack which includes voice control. Have you got that working with it?
The wiring should be the same , so i can't see any reason for it not to work , there is a screen setting brightness which can then be controlled via the dim switch on the lights.

So if i read this right.
When you turn stereo on with out ignition, it lights up , and when you turn ignition on the butoon lights go off?

If this is happening then maybe the wire feed from the lights is different, perhaps get a tester and test live feeds at the back and find the feed that should trigger the lights
Preee, The wiring and the plug at the back of the stereo is exactly the same. I put the old 6000cd unit back in and tried it to see if a fuse may have gone and that lights up fine when the lights are turned on. I put the blaupunkt unit back in and it is still the same.

I've checked the wiring diagram and it should be the same wire that triggers the lights.

BTmaldon, By receiver, i presume you mean aerial, i put this on the dash in the corner, it works fine, the satnav, cd, radio, just cant see the front of the stereo at night. I'm sure i checked the dimming of the lights setting but i'll check again. From what i can see though, both are controlled by the data network so i presume this is the car computer. Perhaps your right and it needs programming to the car.

Will ford do this?
That seems very strange , maybe the radio has a fault on that input and as it see's a live(ie lights) it is not getting the signal .I have the FX and i tried a friends Sony 6006 in mine and there was no difference in lighting or otherwise.
Get a sharp point in the connector and push the trigger wire out so its not connecting.
If you have tested it and there is a trigger when you turn ign on then i would say the radio is at fault and not the GEM
I'd agree, the radio connections are at fault not the car.
Well you have me wondering now as the stereo was brand new, even came with the code still fastened to it on a tear off strip. I phoned fords technical line at £1 a minute and they said it may want coding to the IDS. Don't know what that is but don't want to waste my money paying for that when the problem may be the stereo. I might just have to bite the bulletm

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