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Full Version: K&n?
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Hey guy's after a little advice.
Is it worth fitting a K&N or equivelant to my MK2.5 1.8 petrol 58 plate?
I'm wondering if I would notice any extra horsepower and how it would sound.
Do you think I would need to do something to the exhaust also?
Please speak in simple terms :).
[quote name='Envyus' timestamp='1337470204' post='183451']
Is it worth fitting a K&N or equivelant to my MK2.5 1.8 petrol 58 plate?[/quote]

This will be simple terms as I'm not a techy guy lol :)

I have a direct replacement K&N Panel filter fitted to my 2.0TDCI '09 reg, I personally do feel that it does give a little (very little) horsepower difference and is a bit quicker on acceleration pick up, having said that this could be a placebo effect of knowing it is there.

Cost saving wise....the panel filter costs about £45 'ish and I have had mine for 2 years now and the car has had 2 services which the Ford Dealer has knocked of about £20 each time therefore I have already broken-even so happy. :) :)
What about the engine noise, does it make it much different?
I dont want it to be really loud but give it a little roar.
You won't get any extra roar as it is just a straight replacement for the OEM paper filter
You woukd get roar from a k&n induction kit, just make sure that if you go down this route you fit a good cold air feed, as they can suffer from heat soak, sucking in hot air from the engine and making the car actually run worse.
have to agree it will make a noise but rarely do they make any difference in power from experience even with heat shields and cold air feeds they lose power and dont do the engine much good many manufacturers of performance cars dont use them anymore going for enclosed systems and modified airboxes but if you want some noise go ahead
Mozo Jojo
no power gain in my opinion, the only real thing you will notice is a more responsive throttle from the simple fact that the filter is more permissive ... so you will have a better acceleration in terms of fluidity. I personally wouldn't recommend such a filter if you stay in a dusty city/area because if will clog very fast.

On a non turbo/ aspirated engine ... maybe the same thing ... just maybe.
Ive got a pipercross foam one in mine, does feel a bit better on pickup, but no real performance gains

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