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Full Version: Focus Electrical Problem
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Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me. I have (I think) blown something up while fiddling with my Focus electrical system. I think I shorted out a thin green and white wire which goes to a connector inside the central console to the left of the gear lever. Everything still works, except that the auto lights are now permanently on manual, and the engine warning light is permanently on.

I have checked all the fuses (I think) and they all seem OK. Does anyone know where this wire goes and what may have got damaged by shorting it? I am thinking maybe the GEM is involved somewhere, but I don't really know. I have a Haynes manual, but the wiring diagrams don't show that wire. If anyone has a proper wiring diagram, that would be a great help.

The model is a 2008 Focus 1.6 TDCi Titanium estate. Attached is a picture which shows the connector, the green/white wire is just visible at the top.

Thanks for any help - it's got me scratching my head!

Hi Everyone,

Update on this problem in case it helps anyone else.

After re-checking all the fuses, I found that the one right at the back was blown. This is F100. Replacing that fixed all the odd electrical behaviour, but left on the engine warning light. That fixed itself after about 10 engine restarts.

The only thing left now is that when I put the instrument cluster in test mode, I see "NVM EEPROM lvl 0001 FAIL". Everything else looks OK and there are no DTC codes showing.

Anyone know what this error (if it is an error) means, and whether it is worth fixing.

Glad you got it sorted. Sorry I dont know what the error message is. Eeprom normally relates to a form of memory. It maybe something to do with the fuse that went. Do you know anyvbody with a code reader. This will id the fault better and can clear it if it is still showing.

Going back to your original issue, the only wires I am aware of that run through the console would be the handbrake warning switch, 12v socket power, if you have one there and auxilliary/USB connections if you have those under the arm rest.
Thanks Mate.

I think I will try to find someone with a code reader as you suggest. Ford charge £85 for this, so I think I need to find someone who will do it for a beer. :)

The other cables in the connector in my pic are the 12V power outlet feed. The one I shorted doesn't actually go anywhere, but is obviously "live". I guess it feeds some option that I don't have.

Thanks again.
I bought a code reader off eBay for £25. Best value tool I have ever bought. Saves a load of money.
Thanks again for that suggestion. I thought these things would cost a fortune, but I just looked on Amazon and you can get one for 17.99. Might be a bit of a toy for that price I suppose, but if it reads codes and turns off the light, then that's probably all I need. I think I'll give it a punt.


Hi This is not really a reply but more of a question. I have a 2008 tdi 6 speed manual Focus with a major electrical problem.

occasionally when its wet the engine light, hand brake light stay on the air conditioner pump stops working but fan continues to operate correctly. also the dash indicators and side mirrors dont work but the front and rear do. The high beam dash light does not come on neither does cruise control or the central locking and as a last thing the outside temp display does not work also.

Ive been told that its an earth fault but with a car that has upwards of 20 earth poinst and multiple wire joins does any one have any idea where to start looking.


Thanks you

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