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Full Version: New Ka Start Stop / Lights
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I got my ka three weeks ago. Since yesterday the auto start stop is not working, it either says off or no message at all. Anyone had this happen?

Also any ideas on how to get the courtesy headlights to work?!
From what I have read about this on other models, the auto start stop will only function when the conditions are perfect. For example if the battery isnt fully charged due to the car being used for a lot of short runs it will not activate.

Not sure if its the same on your car but by courtesy headlights do you mean guide me home lights that stay on after you get out of the car for a period of time? If so, on my Focus, as long as the headlights are set to auto, I pull back the full beam stalk as if to flash the lights after I have turned the ignition off. The headlights come on and go off after a period of time automatically.
Thanks, it was used for a 15 mile journey as this is what I do daily for work....

I'll give the lights a try thanks!
I'm not shore if the handbook tells you the conditions that have to be met for the start/stop to work but there are quite a few. Ambient air temp and engine temp have to be within range, battery charge and load and u even have to have a seat belt on for it to work. If u want to know if the system is working then just stall the car and if u put ur foot back on the clutch the vehicle will restart automatically. Hope this helps

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If you are concerned then visit your Ford dealer who sold you the Ka. On the plus side you have just under three years to get this put right. We bought our 2012 Ka in April and it has behaved perfectly. It is a very economical car to own and we are very pleased with its build quality and Fiat engine and transmission.
Any light shed on this - I'm wondering if the system would ever get enough battery charge to work properly. I only drive to the school and back...
I own a ford ka with stop start and a Toyota yaris with stop start and in my opinion stop start is generally a waste of time in the UK as it is only really reliable on both cars in the summer when I am using no electrical items other than the radio.I would say that unless it hasn't worked in the summer at all under those conditions then there is not a problem with the stop start.Stop start will only work if battery is 100 percent charged
True a waste of time. But if your Ford didnt have Stop/Start you would be paying more in road tax.
In general - how good have the Ka's been relibilty wise? I'm thinking of buying this one....

Any relibilty stuff or issues would be very welcome...
Reliability is 100%. Economy is fine too 48mpg on average. My stop/start works fine in the summer (?) but lately it hasnt cut in because of the drop in temp and the heater blower being on and short journeys otherwise we are very pleased with our new Ka. I would certainly recommend it to you.
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In general - how good have the Ka's been relibilty wise? I'm thinking of buying this one....


Any relibilty stuff or issues would be very welcome...

I had a new KA (2010) before I got the Fiesta, and the KA was such a good little car :-), very good engine and very reliable and economic. Turns amazing, look's the part if you get a spoiler and alloys, and easy to put speakers and stuff in.

Enough space for 4 (or even 5) adults, 4/5 star safety rating, very good sounding standard speakers and radio, AUX in for your Phone. I couldn't of asked for a better first car (except my new fiesta witch I am in love with)
I have a 8 week old ka titanium 2112 auto stopstart does not work dealer blamed the clifford alarm had car at dealers for two weeks returned car i had alarm removed still does not work displays stopstart unavail on dash dont think it will ever work regret buy ford never again total rubbish !!!!

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