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Full Version: 0206 Error Code
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Buster Buchanan
hi folks bought a mondeo 1.8 petrol 2002 runnin lpg
engine management light was on got put on machine came up coilpack
put one on new titanium plugs fuel filter and leads its still on
cars diagnostic sayes 0206 error
hardish to start and idles really rough missing as well till you go over 200 revs on motorway
then runs as sweet as a nut gas coming on fine no issues
running out of money and idears as i run a tuned vr6 and before that scoobys
so fords not my thing any help appreciated
thz gordi
Hi there.
The code P0206 is No. 6 injector or its wiring problem.
So this is abit strange considering you have only 4 injectors.
The problem may be in the LPG wiring system.
the little knowledge i do have about LPG is that for each of your injectors there is an emulater
which is used to fool the ecu into thinking that the injectors are working ( or something like that) so maybe with the addition of the 4 emulaters there is something wrong with them.
You may have to see a LPG expert.
I hope i have been of some help to you
Rjmay here in sunny Wales( today )
Buster Buchanan
thz rj couldnt understand 3 injector either but car runs great after 2000 revs
thz anyway ill just have to suffer till i can get to a lpg mechanic

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