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Full Version: 2003 1.8Tdci Fuel Leak, Very Unusual :s
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Hi chaps :)

I've got a focus 2003 1.8tdci 5doot hatchback in silver :)


It's got a fuel leak in the engine bay :(
It's not the fuel pump, common rail, fuel lines, injectors, injector lines :S

I'm so totally confused and my mechanic has had it for hours and hours and can't source the leak :(

It originally began with the glow plug light flashing and limp mode engaging.

After checking the fault codes it came up with low pressure. The injectors are new. It starts roughly, but once warmed up it's fine, when I give it the beans the glowplug light flashes and limp mode is on.

does anyone know where the leak could be coming from?? Anywhere he may have missed? any info would be grand :)

Thank you for reading and any possible answers/info :)
I would start by cleaning any fuel/oil from the engine bay and then go from there - you should be able to spot any fresh leaks easily.
Whats the best way to clean a bay?
I'm afraid to damage any electronics XD
I would normally use a spray/aerosol degreaser with a stiff brush to work it in then some rags to clean off the muck.

dont soak anything electrical and you should be fine. I have never understood using a jet wash to clean the engine bay - thats suicide.

Have you got fuel dripping from the car? just wondering how bad this leak is?
Theres always a puddle of fuel under the car.
The engine tray us covered in it.
I've inspected the pump, lines, injectors and rail and theres no sign of leaking, just dry dust
The puddle drips out of the tray nearest the divers footwell.
I'll give it a little clean and see what I can do :)
So you must have a significant leak then if it drips alot. I would also get the undertray off and clean what you can under there too.
Have you changed the fuel filter recently as there are small o rings within the unions that can come displaced you can get them back in but its a bit fiddly had this recently on a mondeo . worth a look to see if diesel is around the top of the filter i,d suspect anyone of the seals being displaced.
There is a little diesel on top of the filter, so you could be right.
I think I'm gonna chuck it at another local garage and tell them whats going on, they might have more of a clue XD
I'm used to old cars not these new ones when it comes to DIY
Right, latest update

After a good 100 mile drive (and the glowplug light flashing again).
I thought i'd be adventurous and remove the top engine cover.
I found diesel leaking out of injector 2 leak off pipe and the metal pipes between the injectors and common rail all seem to be leaking (or covered from the injector leaking).
So I'm gonna drop it back off with my lovely mechanic and get him to change the lines for me.

I think the fluid on the floor is from the power steering pump, which is leaking from the pulley.

Thanks for your help chaps, I'll update this if the injector pipes aren't the problem XD

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