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Full Version: Windscreen Washer Bottle Leak
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I've recently found a leak from the windscreen washer bottle area which drips down the inside of the front wheel liner. I've got it booked at the dealers to have a look at. It should be covered by the three year warranty. Has anyone else had the same problem?

Sorry just realised I've posted in the wrong section. Can a mod move it for me please?
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Sorry just realised I've posted in the wrong section. Can a mod move it for me please?

Done ;)
Hi, It could be overspill when filling up the bottle, it collects on the under shield and drips out when the car is facing down hill..
Thanks iNath for moving the thread.
Unfortunately the level in the bottle drops whilst driving even without using the washers and the drips carry on for about 15 minutes after stopping. It then seems to stop until next driven.
Could be just the pipes not pushed in properly, it happened to mine and thats all it was.
Ok I had a go at fixing this myself. Took off the wheel and wheel arch liner and removed the washer bottle.
There is a vertical tube which is part of the bottle with a hole in it as a vent at the top of the bottle. As I sloshed the fluid inside there was a definite leakage from this tube so I capped it with silicone sealer.
The other thing I noticed was that the grommet which seals the filler neck into the bottle is not the tightest of fits so again I used some silicone sealer to try and solve this problem. I'll let it dry overnight and refill in the morning to see if I've cured it.

Does anyone know if the grommet can be bought separately and it's FINIS code.
You need some sort of vent on the bottle. If you've sealed the only vent then as the fluid is pumped out it will create a partial vacuum which will eventually reduce and stop the flow.
Hi don't know if this is the same problem on my 52 plate ghia estate. I guess it's a case of having a look at the bottle, which might have to wait for a couple of weekends. Will the silicone gel sort it out?

I have another problem with the rear washer pipes. When I turn the rear wiper on to wash washer fluid pours from the roof lining and into the boot. I've taken a look tonight using torch light and the lining is pretty wet, will the pipes be perished of is it a case of pushing them back together?

Any thoughts would be great.

the bottle doesnt fill to the top so if its overfilled it will drip out until the levelk is below the overflow its just the way they are easy way to tell when the bottle has stopped dripping into the wheel arch roll up a piece of paper and put it in the bottle neck youll be surprised how much fluid is in there usually it settles 2 inch from the neck
Thanks Arthur - but it's deffo not that. It's empty almost every day, I have a sensor light for when it's empty. I thought it was frozen due to the weather we have had recently but a run over the woodhead pass soon made me realise that's not the problem, when the water ran out and you could hear the noise of the pump whirring away.

I'll have to have a look one weekend, but it looks like it's a bugger to get to and I'm no mechanic or car fixer upper. :)

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