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Full Version: 56 Focus 1.6 Tdci
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hi , can anyone help ?? had the DPF filter took out of my car & a remap ? ran great for a couple of days then the dreaded red cog started to come on again and loss of power ? took it back and the guy said the fault was coming up as the EGR faulty ?? had it blocked off as its supposed to improve MPG and the turbo kicks in earlier ?? runs alittle bit better but sometimes the turbo kicks in then i can drive alittle then its as though its not ??? ive also noticed when i rev it up to about 3200 it splutters and white'ish smoke comes out !!! im at my wits end with it ! its cost me afew quid and its still the same !! someone said it might be the MAF or it could be fuel filter !!! has anyone had something similar happen ?? any advice or knowlege will be greatful !!!
Seriously? so someone did a remove DPF and remap, and then blocked off the EGR? Thats a bit erm... well...

The EGR is to recirculate exhaust gas, if it has problems being used, the gas will build up and cause various misfires / suffocation (too much gas not enough fuel).

What exactly is meant "had it blocked off" (did you request that they stopped the EGR being used, or did they?)
if its a euro 4 engine blocking the egr is a no no due to the airflow sensors connected to it, it also acts in cooling the gases,

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