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Full Version: Possible Air Con Problem
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Hi all,

I've recently bought a Ford CMAX 2L TDCI and I've noticed the air con hardly seems to do a thing so decided to get refil can, during the filling the I could hear the clutch engaging etc but not sure if I could hear it before that...anyway...After filling half the can, ac seemed better and could hear the clutch working all the time. Left it overnight, decided to check in the morning, put the can on the low pressure side and found no pressure in the system so gave it couple of more squirts. went out for the day and noticed ac doesn't seem to cool at all again, just fans running and couldn't hear clutch. If checking the low pressure side after refil, and it's pressure is zero, does that mean I have a leak?

What's best way to test this properly and what kit might you need?
Do you have a gauge on the connector you are using to top the gas up with? If so you should be topping the system up to between 30 and 40 on the gauge. It could be there still isnt enough in the system when engine cold to get it going.

Does the refill include PAG oil and sealant? If so I would use the whole tin and then let it run for a really good length of time.

If this doesnt fix it I would get a mobile Aircon specialist or a reputable garage to have a look at it. They may have to put dye in the system to identify where it may be leaking.
ask if kwik fit are still doing there deal,iirc twas about £30-£40 and if they didnt make it colder you didnt pay.
but this way they should be able to tell you wether your system is problem free or not.

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