I have been trying to investigate a knocking on my wifes Fiesta 1.25 chicane and have noticed the trailing arm bushes have got a bit of play in them. I am not a mechanic but do try and do alot of work myself, with the aid of forums and a good old Haynes manual.

I was wondering how much of a job replacing the bushes would likely be, I only have the means to lift on axle stands etc. I have looked at the haynes manual and it doesn't look that bad to be honest. However, I do not have any specific tools for removing the bush or inserting the new on in the trailing arm.

I am not looking at spending much as the car is only a cheap runaround / workhorse for her. Also looking at replacing the rear shocks which is a pretty easy job so would like to do the lot in one go.

Would be greatful for any thoughts, ideas or experiences from people that have done this before. Also, any decent sources for the bushes, as said not looking at anything special, just a pretty low cost solution.