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Full Version: Temperature Gauge Help!
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Hi Guys

Mk3 TDCI (115)

Temperature gauge was showing erratic readings - would take ages to get to normal operating temperature then would drop down back to 60c and then just keep moving between 60 and 90c.

I have changed the thermostat and the cylinder head sensor and changed the coolant but problem hasnt gone away - No idea what else it could be short of the actual dash display being faulty ?

Any ideas?

what about rad sensor??
this is usually down to the second stat playing up, its knows as the oil cooler stat.
Yep spot on - I replaced the Oil Cooler thermostat which cost me £23 and it now works perfectly!
glad you got it sorted

Well Looks like Im going to have to change my Oil Thermostat :-( did the coolant one today after the temp gauge just stopped reading now it goes up to 60 when driving at 60 - 80 mph then drops back down to 0 when I slow down or stop :-(  Ah well back to the drawing board 


Well thats the Oil Cooler Thermostat changed and I even got the Time served Technician saying " Nope wont be that it will be your Temperature switch 100% " So being my usual stubborn self i bought the part fitted it and Ta Da i have a healthy temperature gauge again  :D  Score 1 to me 0 to the chaps in the "know".  As a added bonus I even cleaned the inlet manifold up a bit with some rags n carb cleaner as I had removed it to improve the access to the thermostat Good day all round me thinks  :driving:

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