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Full Version: Central Locking Not Working
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Wondering if anyone can point any areas to which i can look into. My central locking for all doors and boot have stopped working on my Ford Focus Fusion 2 2003.

There is no noises made when any buttons pressed on the remote. The thob was working fine but the battery did start going flat in it so i replaced it with a cheap one as a temp messure. The key thob worked perfect with no problems but the cheap battery went flat so i replaced it with another from the pack and it started working again.

After 2 week or so the thob started getting a little rubbish ( like the battery was running out again ) the next day i came to my car and nothing worked so i guessed the battery had gone flat again, i changed the battery and it still isnt working, thinking it maybe a dud battery i replaced it with another and yet it still does not work.

I was wondering if there is any terminals under the bonnet or doors i can check to see if anything is loose, or if i have to get a new thob how do i programme it to my car?

Thanks in advanced and i hope someone can help.

It may just be a case of the fob needing resynching with the central locking.
Insert key into ignition and turn from 0 to II and back four times and the immobiliser light should come on solid.
Press any button on the fob and wait 20 seconds, the immobiliser light should return to flashing again.
Open and close the door and press the lock button and hopefully all will work again.

When i turn the key 4 turns to II then alarm / immobiliser still flashes and doesnt go soild. I still pressed the button and wait 20secs but nothing

Hi again,

I was doing it too slow, The light didnt go soild but it beeped at me, When i pressed the button it beeped again and now the central locking works.

Thanks a million that was excellant adviced and really appreciated.
You're welcome.
They do put the sequence in the car manuals but it's not always easy to find.
Ford would charge you to do the reprogramming.
It is strange that the code seems to fade sometimes.

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