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Full Version: Replacement Key Fobs
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Hey all. I'm new here cause I'm a little bit confused from browsing google and other sites.

My 2002 Ford Focus Zetec came with 2 keys, one remote fob with the 3 buttons, and a standard key.

My main remote key is pretty worn and won't open the bonnet now, and takes alot of effort to turn the ignition, so without me causing any further damage to the ignition barrel i've started using my spare key. Not an issue.

I want to get a new spare key, preferably a remote fob and i've been reading that i can buy a key and can programme it myself to use the central locking and then programme the immobiliser. However, it states that I need at least 2 working keys.

I am understanding this as two remote keys, if not, then this is perfect and I hopefully can get a new remote keyand programme them myself without having to go to the dealer and paying £100+.

I have attached a picture of my keys as I've read theres blue chip and red chips and its boggled my mind.

If anyone can offer any advice that would be great!
Hi Dan,

Welcome to the Forum.

To answer your questions - yes you can programme the keys yourself.

The two keys you currently have are the original keys so you can use them to add more.

As you have a worn key blade (Tibbe type to be precise) you can easily get a replacement blade cut.

Any Ford mechanic and most key cutting places can read your key blade by eye (it's down to the depth of the notches) and replicate it exactly.

There are sellers on eBay that will cut a new blade to your code and it will simply clip onto your existing 3 button fob.

This seller will cut the blade for you if you get the code read first by the procedure stated above.


Once you have the new blade fitted then you can turn it in the ignition again to programme a new key.


I know you will get a new blade with the above listed key but if you buy two blades cut from the first link i listed then you will be ready to go as soon as the parts are together and have a spare blade for a rainy day.

To programme the spare key you just need to put the first original key into the ignition and turn from 0 to II and back - remove and repeat with the second original key then repeat with the new key.

This will add the key to the PATSII immobiliser system.

To programme the new key to the central locking you need to shut the doors and put the new key into the ignition and turn from 0 to II 4 times in reasonably fast succession, this will activate the learning phase and you will know if it's successful if the car bongs at you.

All you have to do then is press any button on the new key and the car should bong again.

Wait 20 seconds or so for the car to exit the learning phase and all should be good.

(I was advised by ta mechanic to clip the seatbelt too while programming but never found that necessary myself on my old V reg Focus).

Just to advise you that yes, this seems a bit of a run around for a spare key but Ford will charge you a hell of a lot more to supply and code a key for you and will take forever so as to get more labour charges from you for a job that should take no more than 20 minutes to do.

Auto locksmiths are cheaper but in this case why pay any more than you need to.
Of course if you want to take one more step get one of these -

Thanks for the swift reply, the 2nd ebay link comes with the fob and blank key blade so i'll purchase that as i can't find the T number anywhere for the first link.

So once purchased I could effectively take to Timpsons and get them to copy the blade on my spare key which is in near perfect condition, then reprogramme.

Sounds easy enough.


Thanks for the info, my fob is on the way out and the flip looks the way to go!

Hat doffed to you for the info. :)




Would this still work if the only key I had was the spare (lost the original years ago)? Looking at getting the keyfob sorted finally - and a Ford dealer was quoting a ridiculous amount for it, so just tempted to do it myself now.

If you only have one key then to get another one for your car you need it programming by a professional.
Avoid Ford as they charge dumb amounts.
The cheapest way is to get a new replacement key off ebay and call a couple of local Auto Locksmiths for quotes to cut the key blade and code the key to the immobiliser.
You should be looking at less than 100 all in compared to paying that to Ford for the obligatory diagnostics they seem to insist on before doing anything else.

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What model and age Ford do you have anyway?
Let me know and I'll point you to the key you need.
It's a Ford Focus LX, 56 plates (2006/7). Will have to look around then to get a key cut and it programmed.
Stoney871. Instructions for associating keys really got me out of a jam. Thanks!

This is a great few posts. Very helpful

Hey all. New to forum today. I've got a 2013 focus zetec s which is push button start etc. only got 1 key fob. Ford want £229 for a new fob and £99 for the programming of the fob. Can these fobs be bought and programmed anywhere else for a lot less than Ford??

you need to be care full what fobs you buy now as the locksmiths have all agreed not to cut ebay keys as they are cheap so getting the cheapest isnt a great idea look for original keys like these


its all down to the blade the yellow looking blades are cheap chinese ones and break the cutters these blades are easily cut and like the originals even the cutter cant tell them apart


I've got 2 keys but NO key code. Is there a way I can find out the code


This is how to read a Tibbe key.

Start from the fob end and you'll get your 6 digit T code.


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