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Full Version: Time To Say Enough Is Enough
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just read on what car the government wants to reclassify the road tax bands, the reason is due to so many cars under 100g co2 not paying tax the governments losing 6billion a year the answer make us all pay more to cover it. wont matter if its diesel or petrol they want to up the amount each band pays.

dont think youre 99g co2 car will be exempt it wont you will pay tax as well but at a lesser amount while the rest of us cover the shortfall.

if like me you traded youre older bigger engine car in for something newer and cleaner saved youre guts up and have to repair youre car due to our crap roads and cant afford to just buy another car then im afraid david useless cameron would appreciate it if you undid youre belt drop youre trousers and boxers or the wifes thong youre wearing (i wont judge) take that vaseline you bought and paid tax on clench youre teeth and take it in the back box.

and all that so the rest can get it free am i missing summat here? all the while they say if petrol companies dont pass on savings in the price of fuel they will make them its the bloomin tax that makes it expensive mr posh schooled cameron and who said thatcher was gone? outrageous folks whats so green about it? these electric and hybrid cars create more co2 just being built and thats fact.

sorry for the rant but enough is enough
And a very good rant it was too, couldn't have out it better myself (without using explicit language) your spot on with what you say, I've always had a thing for big cars, 528 BMW, and X-type v6 being my last 2, so saved and saved, just so I could trade the JAG in for a 1.4 tdci fiesta.... Lost every in car toy possible in the process, but thought the saving on road tax and insurance would be enough to make the situation bearable,,, but after a year, needed to upgrade so got the focus, which is more in tax, but is a lot more comfy. Road tax went up by 10 quid just after I bought it. Insurance is on the up for everyone. They use decent motorists to just shaft dry of our money, the tax alone on petrol.prices is ABSURD, and they try to make us think its not their fault. And as you mentioned, the roads,,,,, I read somewhere the other day that only 3% of the monies collected for road tax actually goes back into to road networks, which might explain why you can't make a trip without losing a filling. I could go on all night about David, George and David's lapdog Nick, but the truth of the matter is, they are in power, and this country just bends over and takes it without lube. We use to fight for what we believed in, but it just ain't there anymore, the Great British voice isn't being heard.
at the moment this is how the new tax bands sit but this is to be changed to include the greener cars
[b]VED Band[/b] [b]CO2 Emissions[/b] [b]Annual rate[/b] [b]First year rate[/b] A Up to 100 £0 £0 [b]B[/b] [b]101-110[/b] [b]£20[/b] [b]£0[/b] C 111-120 £30 £0 [b]D[/b] [b]121-130[/b] [b]£100[/b] [b]£0[/b] E 131-140 £120 £120 [b]F[/b] [b]141-150[/b] [b]£135[/b] [b]£135[/b] G 151-165 £170 £170 [b]H[/b] [b]166-175[/b] [b]£195[/b] [b]£275[/b] I 176-185 £215 £325 [b]J[/b] [b]186-200[/b] [b]£250[/b] [b]£460[/b] K 201-225 £270 £600 [b]L[/b] [b]226-255[/b] [b]£460[/b] [b]£815[/b] M Over 255 £475 £1,030

In order to help car owner’s deal with the increase costs, the Government is looking in to developing a direct debit system to help spread the payments.
As well as the increase, the Government has also announced that it will be looking in to reforming the road tax system over the medium term.
It claims that this is to “ensure that motorists make a fair contribution to the sustainability of the public finances, and to reflect continuing improvements in vehicle fuel efficiency.”
Another change in the system is the grace period in which car owners can drive their cars without displaying a tax disc, which currently stands at seven days. This will be extended to 14 days, following the payment of tax.
I totally agree with what you guys are saying. However I am sure if Labour were in it would be worse. After all it was them that started raiding the pension funds for £4bn a year, got rid of the married mans tax allowance and replaced it with tax credits which paid out 30% less, increased national insurance, put tax on energy, removed tax relief on mortgages and then increased the number of Civil Servants they employed by 600,000 which in turn increased the public spend by £50bn a year.

The level of duty on fuel is an absolute discrace. If any politician had an IQ greater than 50 they could see reducing this would get the economy moving in the right direction as businesses would reduce their overheads and individuals would have more money to spend.
cost of fuel per litre 50p tax in total 84p profit to supplier etc 5p we pay more in tax than the cost of the product .

labour werent great either but this governments scraping the meat from our bones all the while looking for more excuses to come up with ideas to take more out our pockets
they should rename the road fund licence to a vehicle operators tax and tax on fuel should be called a motorists penalty - very quick to point the finger at the suppliers for the high prices at the what happens then when the suppliers are made to reduce their prices ..umm the governments tax margin will automatically be reduced ..oh silly me they will just increase the petrol tax'es/VAT .i can remember when i used to buy road tax for 3 - 6 or 12 theyre offering to allow you pay via direct debit - of course we're all in it together
Just heard a whisper there going to start taxing the air that we breath using smart gob metres and if you dont pay they just cut off your supply .lol well why not they tax everything else to death
since cows contribute to emissions how long till they have a fart box attatched and pay per the trump lol its sad but still very true
it'll never happen ..if they put a levy on bulls**t then all politicians would be out of pocket (got to look after their own)..will be a beef and diary tax
We best end this topic now before we give the mothers to many ideas
they wouldnt know a good idea if they were slapped with one .millenium dome ring any bells or the billions spent on these olympic games

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