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Full Version: Engine Warning Light After Refuelling
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Hi guys

Hope you can help me with a strange issue i have with my focus 1.6 zetec (2006).

Recently i had my car in for repair due to a faulty oil pump, after leaving the garage i refuelled and the engine warning light came on. I returned to the garage (a ford main dealer) of which they said the code was indicating a fault with the sensors and the vvt.

He cleared the fault and i hadnt seen it since today.

After refuelling again, i drove a few yards down the road and the engine warning lights pops up again....this seems too much of a coincedence to me and was hoping somebody could shed some light.

Any help is appreciated.
sounds like a cam fault on the vvt i doubt the refueling has anything to do with it the vvt has to get checked by ford theres 2much it could be from cam controlles to oil pump since you had the pump replaced and the vvt uses high pressure oil to retard or advance the timing its likely thats the issue take it back and tell them that and insist they look at it
Thats some good advice thankyou but sounds expensive :(

Would that also explain why i sometimes get a 'chattering' sound from the engine bay on startup? It only happens sometimes and lasts for about a second before the engine sounds normal again.

Thanks in advance for any other advice
if it was the vvt advance then it requires the cam itself to be replaced as well as a full timing belt kit done and yes its expensive i luckily had mine done under warranty but the bill was around 400 on parts labour would likely be 4/5 hours work on top
Okay thanks again for the advice. These issues have come about after being in for repair. So the garage should sort out them out gratis. Its a ford main dealer i had the repairs done and they have been very helpfull so far. Also the car is still under dealer warranty. Thanks

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