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Full Version: Mk1 Mk1.5 Mk2 Mk2.5 Or Mk3 Which Version Do You Drive Join In Plz
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Hi dudes

Just wondering who drives what

The choices are :-

Mk1 MK1.5 Mk2 Mk2.5 or MK3 poll please join in


I've a Mk2, I'm happy with it, in that it does the job I expected of it, and its proved to be a reliable motor. I've owned it 19 weeks short of three years, when it will then be seven years old ]

Now that said, when it's time to move on to another Mark [ that's assuming I stay with a Ford Focus] it will be a Mk3.

I have not taken part in the poll because on the face of it the only two options you offer are:

1.Being happy with the Mk you own.
2. Not being happy with the Mk you own.

Now I cannot help pointing out what I see as another flaw in the way the poll is constructed. And that is most people not being happy with a certain Mk of car, are not likely to make the same mistake twice, by buying a later Mk of the model they have been so unhappy with.
Had the Mk1.5, now got the 2.5, Happy with both!!

Personally i think that in certain situations the mk1.5 handled better, but maybe thats just because i was more confident with the last one.....
the mk1 did handle better.wouldnt personaly have a mk3 after driving 1 for a few weeks it just had no appeal or character thats just my opinion and despite all the mks they all inherit the same problems and build happy with the mk2 if i could buy another car i must admit it would be a kia my old man had a test drive and it was as good as anything out there.

if ford put there warranty on par with almost everyone else i would consider a ford even chevrolet do 5yr warranties
Hey Catch

Ure sound mate :-) i will edit the poll and provide your suggestions :-) Criticism is great because it uncovers the flaws in things :-)

cheers mate

Had '53 reg (2004) mk 1.5 1.8 tddi estate for nearly 2 years, got written off when I hit a deer.
Bought '03 (2 months older than original car, but LX) mk 1.5 1.8 tdci estate, ran it for 3 years,
Last Nov bought '55 (Dec 2005) mk 2 1.8 tdci Ghia estate.
After initial fusebox/gem problems, is proving to be an excellent car.

There you go James I've voted.

Pleased you excepted the criticism in the manner in which it was intended, that of being constructive.

Reason I'm opting for the Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost next swap time is plain and simple, latest technology, lower running costs, and more umph when you want to over take.

Now I'm not totally in love with the exterior styling of the Mk 3. But as it was conceived and built as a "world car" it was never going to suit all people totally in the styling department. But I buy cars primarily for the job in hand, with the exterior styling being of lesser importance. And that is why I bought the Mk2 Focus, a great car in all aspects apart from it had a boring front end styling wise.

And the fact exterior styling preferences come first for some has indeed been reflected in the poll. As some of the participants are considering upgrading to the face lifted Mk2.5 from the Mk2. Which is exactly the same engineered car, differing only in that it had re styled exterior body parts, and EPS added as standard kit.
I have a mk1 2ltr (2001 plate) and love it. Love the way it looks, love they way it drives, and it's big enough for me the wife and the kids.
I've not had the chance of driving any other mk so my opinion is pretty one sided Lol.
But leaving the french car scene was the best decision I did lol
Hello, mine is Mk2 Ghia with Duratec 1.8 . Very Fast and Responsive engine, but not a Gas Guzzler. it's nice, and the handling is stunning. but the Durashift Auto is a bit jerky ? but the gear changes is pretty fast for a 4AT. and the driver seat position is spot-on. the only problem is the engine sound is a bit odd now. but this car is really reliable and nice!
Cool replies everyone :-)

Reason for change for me was that i had a few problems with my car such as battery discharging mysteriously and failure to start on some occasions etc etc.

I also liked the shape of the mk3 :-)

Just havent got round to taking pictures because iam lazy lol

ive got a 2010 mk2.5 1.6TDCi it will be two years old in september and i hope to have it finished by march 2013
i love the car and i have no plans to change it to anything else for the next five years anyways.
I like ure car lenny :-)

I am overall happy with my car, but I probably wouldn't buy another Mk3.

Mine is a 2011 car, but has already had two new window motors in the driver's door (and each time they failed, the window was stuck open and I was far from home!), the auxilary belt became worn and screeched all through winter, and the handbrake is useless. All minor things I suppose, but unecessary hassle on a car that's a year old.

I got a cracking deal on it at the time though as a 3 month old ex-demo (when there weren't many Mk3's on the used market), and being an ex-demo it has lots of toys. It's a nice drive and is surprisingly fun, though friends do ask if my trade up from a Fiesta was so I could get baby seats in... <_<

Would still stick with Ford after the Focus though, nothing else comes close for the same money.
I've come from a mk2.5 to mk3 just a few weeks ago. I have to say that while the fit and finish of the mk3 is by no means bad, I feel that the mk2.5 was higher quality. That said, the MPG from the 1.6 99Bhp engine was pretty dire, especially around town (26-32). The mk3 1.0 Ecoboost however gives me 38-42 around town and way more confidence for overtaking. Bigger car too as I have the estate. I'd go for a mk3.5 if they were better than what I have now, but only if the engine was as good.
I drive a 2005 focus 1.6 tdci titanium with the half leather seats and sony surround wich i love, cant really fault the car at the moment and drives like a brand new car (when i get the gearbox sorted out) i love the balance between the comfort and handling the most , its done 90,000 miles but you would never know!!
90k for a car like the focus is nothing these days.

And it has a reliable engine if it never misses an oil change etc


Jamie xx
Yup your right there my uncles picasso has done 125k now and has never missed a beat, my focus is also sooo economical i get 64 mpg out of every tank !
I love my mk2.5 titanium ,apart from the radio interference which I'm still yet to resolve.
My trusty old Mk1 was more nippy around town but the power, acceleration and road holding of my Mk2 is far better.
More toys too.
[quote name='james_60' timestamp='1339106635' post='186269']
90k for a car like the focus is nothing these days.

And it has a reliable engine if it never misses an oil change etc


Jamie xx

er Jamie what's with all this signing off with kiss kiss stuff when replying to [i]poshpawsfiesta , you do know he's a bloke right [/i]?

Not saying it's illegal or anything you signing off with kiss, kisses to another bloke. No, I'm just thinking you might be assuming he is actually a female :wub:

No offence intended either way.....if you follow my drift :ph34r:
jimrex, CashMoney, good feed back lads on the new MK3.
jimrex is yours the 125bhp petrol variant?
i shall go and hide behind the curtains now :ph34r:
Haha! Did wonder that my self, but nothing wrong with a bit of love on the forums lol :)
[quote name='catch' timestamp='1339241104' post='186444']
jimrex, CashMoney, good feed back lads on the new MK3.
jimrex is yours the 125bhp petrol variant?
[/quote] dont get me wrong i really like the mk3 focus and would love to have a 2.0 tdci 160 titanium x in mars red :)but i sat in one the other day and it felt very Claustrophobic compared to mine! Would like to take a ride in one and see if they have manged to solve the worst thing about mine wich is the road/ tyre roar !
They look bigger on the outside.

They are slightly smaller on the inside

and no iam not talking about someones tight briefs/boxers lol

Its more padding and safety that makes the inside space smaller.

The drivers knee airbag was not carried over from the mk7 fiesta.

The dashboard is nearly the same tho.


Drive a Sea Grey Mk2 1.8 Zetec 3dr.

Soon upgrading to Mk2.5 1.8 Zetec S 3dr same colour if poss.

Like current car just want Zetec S and bit newer.
why not save up for a new focus zetec s :-)

Loz Cheung
Just upgraded from my Mk7 fiesta Zetec S last week to a Mk3 Zetec S 1.6 ecoboost.

Any gripes i have so far are only minor :D
[*]Wish there was a 3 door version, but no biggy as im warming to its looks everytime i see it.
[*]Disappointed with the stereo speakers (think they're worse than the fiesta's), but apart from that the car's very good!
[*]Handbrake reminds me of a Land Rover defender's; just feels quite forward and have to heave it up!
The fiesta is pretty gutless torque-wise and so always yearned for a turbo, hence going for this engine!
performance is definitely an improvement so far! (only gone to 4000rpm once mind). Little bit apprehensive about the mpg but will have to see!

Yes, the steering's not as good as the Mk2.5 i had previously but... its still a very good drive :) feels a bit lighter on its feet too...?
Hi Loz

What made you choose a focus over a new fiesta 5 door

How many miles have you covered so far.

Loz Cheung

Im not keen on 5dr fiestas! Thought the 3dr Zetec S kit made it really well proportioned, the rest of the range didnt [i]quite[/i] do it for me afterwards.

Besides, had a fiesta for 3 years now, and been saving up for a focus at some thought i'd treat myself!
Done just over 200 miles and its filthy already :unsure:
Do think the ride comfort and refinement is better in the focus or is there not much diffrence, just wondering as these are the 2 main things i look at when buying a car :)
Loz Cheung
Ride comfort is better, but not by a significant amount as i think the fiesta rides pretty well as it is :) (always thought that small a car with 17" wheels would be ridiculous, but i was quite impressed! same applies to the 18"s on the focus!)

Refinement on the other hand is definitely a step up- much quieter. the fiesta had quite a lot resonance coming in (especially from the boot), and i thought the road noise from the tyres was quite bad.
Not so much an issue now, volumes turned down a bit on everything...fiesta had a nice low speed exhaust note though :)

Hi. I currently drive a mk3 titanium x 1.0 ecoboost 125 on a 13 plate.

Will be getting the facelifted version when it is released.

Had my Mk3 Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125 for just over 8 months and have owned a couple of Mk1's. At the time the Mk1's were a cracking drive but the Mk3 now is streets ahead in comparison. My only gripe with my Mk3 is the poor m.p.g. Would I buy another Focus, certainly won't be rushing out to at the moment.

If I can partake retrospectively :p


I drove a 2005 MK2 Focus Zetec Climate a few years back.


As some of you will already know, I did not upgrade to the Mk3 Ecoboost in the end, I opted for a three year old  Mk2.5 1.6 petrol Titanium instead.


Making it my third Focus and best yet, Mk1....Mk2......reason being I like the Titanium spec, and still have a decent size boot, and returning an averaged out 37.65 mpg on brimming the tank data..........


Small boot on the Mk3 was the deal breaker for me, but I dare say it's not a prority for most

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