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Can I please ask a personal favour of all you drivers and look out for men and women on motorbikes as its coming in to nicer weather they are out more and 70% of my family are bikers I thought I'd ask nicely thank you for reading in advance :-) xx
Excellent point Gemma.
As a former Bike rider myself i am very aware of them and their safety.
There is a current campaign of signs and electronic warnings here in Plymouth due to a large increase in Bike related accidents.
We had 3 fatal and 5 non fatal accidents at the same junction in less than one year.
I feel also though that some bikers need to relearn how to filter safely.
9 years ago my brother was hit by a drunk driver it split his bike in half and thankfully because he had the proper gear on he came away with scratches, last night I was following my stepfather to put his bike in his lock up and a car was inches from hitting him as he was on the round about and I was behind him safe to say my heart was in my mouth and said male who was a young driver felt my rath. I almost failed my driving test as the tester thought I was hesitating at a junction but I had seen a motor bike approaching and he didn't safe to say I passed and got an apologie xx
Well said hun. It's TT here on the Isle of Man, and as soon as the end of May approaches I have to remind even myself to be more aware. We have thousands of extra bikes over and they seem to take more risks, especially the visiting bikers getting giddy with us having no national speed limit. It's a scary time of year over here - many deaths already :(
Thank you :-) I've always wanted to see that in person looks amazing, I do get hacked of as sometimes it is bikers taking risks but car drivers just seem not to notice xx
agreed, its only when you help clean up a scene of an accident involving a biker, that you realise how vulnerable they are. I always try to watch out for bikes, and try to help them on the roads, I will move as close to a white line as possible to give them space to pass, or just let them fly by if they are a bit of a wally, as otherwise they will tail you and as soon as you touch your breaks you have an unannounced passenger...

Sensible bikes, I am happy to be of help to, sensless bikes, I am loathed but still try to help!

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