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Full Version: Struggling To Get In To Gear
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George mcfc brown
Hi every1,

I just bought my car and up to now I have had nothing but problems :( I just had a clutch bearing pipe or something like that and now I'm struggling to push my gear stick in to 1/2/3/4/5 when I'm driving and want change gear I have to dip my clutch wait a second and when the revs drop it allows me to easy put it in gear put it won't let me straight away dose any1 no what this could be? Thank you
I think you are suffering clutch drag due to a bad installation.
I'd take it back to whoever fitted it and ask them [u][b]nicely[/b][/u] to check that they put the clutch thrust release bearing (as it's called) in correctly.
George mcfc brown
Will do that someone mentioned to me a gatetor or something like that
That would only be for protecting the links to the release bearing and shouldn't cause the symptoms.
I'd still say the bearing wasn't fitted properly.
I'm pretty sure the release bearings now are hydraulic so maybe there is a air bubble in the system which is compressing and not exerting the right pressure to allow a full clutch disengage.
George mcfc brown
Ok mate will take it back to the guy who did it cheers mate
Just spoken to my brother in law who owns a garage, you need to get your clutch fluid system bled as there will be air in it.
You will find that pumping the clutch pedal 9 or 10 times will make the gears engage better but it will only help until the dispersed bubbles recombine.
Ford clutch hydraulics are buggers to bleed correctly and also bear in mind that the clutch and brake hydraulics share the same reservoir.

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