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Full Version: Duratec He Sounds A Bit Odd?
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okay, so recently my car was driven by my sister. one day my sister move to london with her husband (yes my primary adress is not in uk). then, i drive my car as daily car, then, one day i realize that the engine cover is missing and the engine sounds a bit odd. i bring my car to the nearest ford service centre and then they change the oil, do a carbon clean and tune-up my car. i know the engine's compression is really high (10,8:1) but, in my country, the best fuel is Shell RON 95. but because i am a student and i can"t afford it, so i use the RON 92 one, so the car is knocking very very badly, i can't tell how bad it is, because it is very hard, because of that, i do regularly carbon clean the car. but i think the sound has no relation with the knocking. it's not rough, but it's just a bit odd. please help me. because the sound is really really odd. [media][/media] . the ford service centre can"t find out what is the problem. thank you for your attention!! and if you know the problem, please just e-mail me at (sorry for bad english/grammar)
95 is the minimum ron for any car these days not 92 youre likely getting pinking from the rubbish fuel change the fuel is the best place to start
i know, in europe yes, but in my country? RON 95 is the best fuel! . i have bmw with direct injection, i search bio-ethanol and i can"t find it, because, technically those car needs RON 97, but, in my country, RON 95 is the highest octane rating. and bio-ethanol helps increase the octane number.
simple mate it needs 95 if u cant afford to use that then theres no point having the car 92 isnt suitable its pretty simple use 95 or ruin the engine theres not much option.
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Take the advice, it will be cheaper in the long run, the guy's posts above do know what they are talking about.[/font][/size][/color]
okay! thank you very very much! and btw, what causing the engine sound is odd?
the car needs 95 ron you use 92 ron therefore youre getting engine knock and preignition the ron of the fuel determines how the fuel burns

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