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Full Version: Slight Rattle On Engine Startup
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Hi guys, was wondering if anybody can help me AGAIN!!!!

On most mornings or if the car has been left for a few hours i start the car up and for a brief moment (a sec or two at most) there is what sounds like a rattle sound that comes from the engine bay but will sound fine again straight afterwards. Now this do not always happen but i can guarantee it will if left overnight or longer.

If it helps my focus has a duratec engine of which im sure you know has VVT.

Any help again will be appreciated.....thanks
the vvt its normal to get a rattle from the injectors until the engine warms slightly and the oil thins a bit its a characteristic of the engine the newer vvt doesnt do it as they modified it slightly to prevent this internally and with all the sound proofing you wouldnt hear it anyway
[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]This may not be relevant, I had a 2ltr Granada which had hydraulic tappets, the oil would drain away over-night and cause a rattle on initial start-up for about 30 seconds, if your engine has this design then that could be the cause, I never found a cure and it did not cause a problem over 75k miles.[/font][/size][/color]
its down to the hydraulic system inside the engine the vvt part it uses high pressure oil from the engine i have it on mine and took it to my master tech the second i said what my concern was he said its a vvt then they all do that as a result ford have put underbonnet soundproofing as well as an undertray on them now its a bit noticeable but not for long
Thanks guys, this is what i thought myself.

Im currently talking to my local ford main dealer of whom is talking to ford technical about the issue. Had it in my mind it may be linked to my other post where im getting a engine warning light.....

Another point is that ive noticed that the engine do not have a cover....thought that it was a bit strange when i bought it.....but it wasnt noticed by the ford garage when i took it to be repaired so i assume that it wasnt fitted with one originally. My focus is a 1.6 zetec 06 reg.....

the noise will be there regardless of the light as said you have a vvt fault i know ive had it the cam sprocket likely needs replaced i wouldnt drive it much as it is not till they know the cause. they dont come with the undertray till the facelift you can buy one as i did and fit it youresel. with mine they thought it was the cam sensors they replacf these but a few days later the light was on the master tech only knew what the problem was as he had seen it before youre dealer may not may not have been an oil pump issue if the vvt valves are faulty they wont advance or retard a mechanic assumes its lack of oil
Thanks again and much appreciated.

Now im just wondering weather it will be covered under my warranty. The dealership i bought the car from have already forked out nearly £1000 to investigate the original issue with the engine sounding like a diesel. The only strange thing is that the engine warning light has only shown after the repair was completed, or either, it was just luck that it didnt show earlier. Have only had this car a month....its a nightmare!!!!!!
if they cant repair it after the first attempt and youre unhappy by law you can request they provide another car not sure what they spent the money on but even replacing the cam sprocket timing belt and tensioner fan belt and cam sensors it cost my dealer around 450. its the cam sprocket mate it wont advance the timing causing the timing to be out hence why it sounds like a diesel so they should replace it and do the timing belt tell them its the variable timing cam sprocket.
you wouldve got the engine light earlier but it only happens when its pushed hard mine didnt pop up for 1week till i went to overtake then went mid overtake into limp mode loss of power noisy engine and management light on
Thanks and yet again some good advice.

I brought the car from a dealer whom got the repairs done by a ford main dealer (under my request). Half the bill was labour and the other half was the oil pump, cam kit and sealants/oils etc. The ford main dealer are being very helpfull and im sure they will sort what they can out.....i imagine as they havent completly fixed the issue they will honour it as i aint paying a penny. If not it will have to go back to the original dealer for either repair or refund!!!!!!

Anyway thanks for your help and i will ring tommorow saying ive been advised its the cam sprocket on the VVT.....good stuff
Cheers artscot79......told ford that i have been advised its the cam sprocket and hey presto it was. Not impressed ford didnt know this themselves.

Thanks again
glad to help ive had the same issue but the tech was really good and picked it up quickly

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