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Full Version: Steering Wheel Wobble At 65+
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Ok, so i've had the wheels balanced and it's much better now, but at 65+ it still has slight steering 'wiggle' of about half a centimeter on the wheel and it's really fast, but you can't really feel it with one hand holding it.

What else could it be, are there any easy checks for me to do before i book it in? (got a mate at Ford Sandicliffe).

Cheers guys
Perhaps the tracking , and i wonder even though you have had them balanced , maybe one has fallen off since you had it done or maybe you have a buckled wheel
I watched the guy do it, he added two sets of weights, one didnt have any at all and one was moved slightly to aother position, the highest weight is 35 grams.

You might be on to something with the tracking though, since then, the steering wheel is ever so slightly off in a straight line to the left, when it was central.
Sounds stupid but do you have alloys? Are they on the correct wheels? i had a mate who had an ally for passanger on his right. He complained his steering was shakey. Never asked him since tho whether he found if this was the problem.
A true professional would have centered the steering wheel.
A off centre wheel is just wrong.
if they added 2 sets of weights the alloy has a buckle hence the wobble if its that bad then the buckled wheel should have been put to the rear
Turns out the above is correct! There was a buckle in the front offside one, not really bad but its been moved to the rear and balanced on the inside, now the car feels great, no car or steering shake at all.

Thanks for your help guys

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