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Full Version: What You Think
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Not perfect but what you think

Looks well mate, howd you find putting it on?
Looks great m8
Did you have the same problem I did of the wrap going a bit fiddly around the dials?
Get someone else to do it that's the secret lol I'm rubbish at things like that a mate from ffoc had some spare u think it's one of the. Things that's never gonna be perfect
Nightmare round the dials
When youd be doing the dials what you should do is wen cutting out is leave about a quarter inch all round and then get the heat sources and start stretching it round shape of dial :)
Not sure I like the stereo surround now might take it of leave it silver and just leave the gear one done what you think , I also put a dab of permit ant marker on any little silver bits poking through the wrap to hide it you think this will just wipe off
What you need to do if it dont wipe off is get a white board marker and rub it over the permenant one and the white board one will wipe off easy.
I think it looks well mate makes the interior look better but everyone to their own liking.
Excellent Job
Cheers guys so should wipe off no problems then think I will leave it on for a while yet anyway

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