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Hi Guys I'm new to this Forum!

I've been shopping around and done some research on HID's and found out a little information like getting Projector lights ect.. Although I've been told about a lot of different bulbs. I've been told the H1's for Main Beam & H7's for Dipped Beam.

is this true? Do you need different bulbs if you have the Projector parts or can you use the same bulbs if you have the normal Reflector light?!

I have an 03 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI.!

Thanks ^_^
Hi mate and welcom :)
I have a topic on fitting the projectors to the mk2.5 ( facelift ) focus but that's not complete yet, but I do have a bit of knowledge on the subject.

The simple answer is no the bulbs will be different. Projectors use bulbs wired for use with a ballast, these are know as 'xenon' bulbs obvs where tha name comes from :P
These are D1s D2s D3s and D4s and each fit projectors differently, however a D1s bulb and D3s will fit one socket and D2s and D4s will fit another. These must be run from the correct ballasts due to the different elements in the bulbs.

That basically means the D1 and D2 bulbs contain mercury and are not 'environmentally friendly' the D3 and D4 contain no mercury and are much newer. Hence why they need different ballast so a D1 bulb will fit a D3 projector but will not be safe to run from the D3 ballast.

Hope this clears up your problem, any more questions just ask :)
Hi mate and welcome! :L

Bit of a grey area for me if I'm honest, but someone should know better. Pretty sure if you're sticking with standard reflector units you need H7[u][b]R[/b][/u] bulbs as these give better beam pattern for reflectors.

I have a set of OEM xenons which I'm currently tinkering at to get to work...almost there I think...which reminds me, I better post an update on that and ask for some more advice myself!
EDIT: I was composing my reply before I saw that Haz replied, so I think we've taken two different approaches to the answer... I was assuming you were just thinking of getting a HID kit and installing in standard lights, where the ballast comes as part of the kit. These are the most common 'xenon' upgrades that so often blind the rest of us, and I thought this was because the bulbs were designed for projectors and had terrible beam pattern. But thought this was (at least partially) fixed with H7R (as opposed to H7) bulbs.

Haz clearly knows his stuff about bulbs, ballasts, etc though if going down the proper xenon projector route...which would suggest that he might be the guy for me to ask with my latest query! Haz, keep an eye out for an old xenon thread being resurrected this avo!
Yeah the h7r bulbs are the best choice for using the standard reflectors, but some companies will just add a bit of black to the bulbs, blocking the pattern in one area, the best h7r bulbs like the ones from have a metal shroud to cover the bulb and work as the shutter does in a projector lens

Okay mate will keep my eyes open :P
Thanks for the warm welcome guys and also for the advice!

I know you're going to hate me for saying but I might go with the H7r for my standard units at the minute. See what they're like, then purchase some of the projectors! - They're a damn sight cheaper too :lol:

I think I'm going to go with the hids4u selection. They seem to be of a higher standard to most, and a good reputation.. Perfect!

I'll keep you both updated and upload photo's of before and after!

Thanks again ^_^
Do surely mate. I think as long as you go for the 'R's you should get an acceptable (to oncoming traffic ;) ) beam pattern at least.

As you've done a bit of research already I'm sure you've come across the all the illegalities of it for MOT etc yeah? I'm sure you have and I'm not meaning to be a killjoy, but just so long as you know you'll have to change back to standard for MOT.

PS @ Haz, see my thread linked below if you've any advice! [url=""][/url]
killjoy or not it's still advice!

Like i said I've done a little digging around, and I know about MOT's :)
I would change them back just for that, although a couple of my friends are MOT'ers :D

Thanks again guys!

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