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Full Version: Photoshopped
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Just playing around removed fuel cap badges indicator

How you gonna fill it up when fuel light comes on ?? :P
Lol aaaaahhh didn't think of that
might have to get hold of photoshop lol ive also noticed you have removed your aerial or is it a stubby you have on??

(i just realised what i just said pmsl)
Nah it's a stubby one is useless but looks ok
More importantly why didn't you buy a three door if you didn't want people to get in the back doors!?
lol a very odd but good question :P

I know that the 3 doors are much wider and make it more difficult to get in and out in tight car parks (unlike you spaniards with your large car parks, we get a white line that touches each side of the vehicle... and thats when your parking a motorbike in a car space :P

Otherwise, I do look forward to David's response :P
I'm not a Spaniard, I just live here! You've clearly not been to any car parks round here, generally if someone parks either side of you you're buggered - much like your car when you get back from the shops :angry:
Sorry Andy, I withdraw my spaniard comment! are you ex UK?

As for the parking in Spain, I heard that for the most part, some will just pull up at any angle at the side of the road, get out, and disappear for hours, and that is parked for the natives?
Yup, moved here 5 years ago to get away from the rat-race and dreadful weather!

Parking has to be seen to be believed; across zebra crossings, on a roundabout, triple or quadruple parked, on the pavement, in bus stops, etc. Generally if you can't park directly outside where you want to go then you just abandon your car the closest you can regardless if that might inconvenience someone. Underground car parks are something else again! Last place I lived required you to stop half way down, reverse a bit and then creep around a corner that was so tight they had to channel into the concrete and earth to make it wider - unfortunately it got narrower with all the paint left every day :lol:

Sorry for the thread drift OP !!
Lol was just messing about may very well colour code the handles
Colour coding sounds more useful than removing them :lol:
check ebay and the scrapyards youll get zetec ones that are color coded
What do I search for on ebay

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