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Full Version: Locks Jumping ?
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As the title suggests, after unlocking the car, and getting in, sometimes while driving I can hear the locks clunking, as if I've just pressed the keyfob to either lock or unlock the car. I have my remote programmed to unlock drivers door on 1 press, and all the others on 2 presses. Only, just then when filling up, I heard the clunk again, and tried the back door and it was unlocked ??? Anyone had this issue. For now I've reverted back to 1 press unlocks everything, see how it goes like that. Any info would be helpful. Regards, Mike.
You may have water in the lock motors, that will cause random lock cycles.
Hi Stoney, if it was water ingress, would this be limited to the drivers lock? The reason I ask, is that the other day 'after heavy rain' the kick plate was wet with water and condensation, but only on the drivers door, so was thinking maybe the seal needs replacing.... It's dry now, so will keep my eye on it. Would spraying something like wd40 into the motor clear it out ?
The problem is usually caused by water getting past the window seal and down into the motor.
The seals get stiff with age and don't hold against the window tightly so replacing them can be an option.
WD40 should help but the contacts may be gunged up or corroded, may well be worth a look to check their condition.
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1339017255' post='185992']
You may have water in the lock motors, that will cause random lock cycles.

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Yep I 2nd that, water got into the locks on my last Mondeo and trashed the locks and I had the same symptoms. [/font][/size][/color]

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