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Full Version: Whining Sound On Ford Focus Mk 2.5
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Hi everyone,

I own a 2008 Ford Focus MK 2.5 (facelift model). The other day whilst driving I begun to notice a whining sound coming for the car. I left it and drove it again today and the sound is still there and seems to have become louder.

Also, the whining sound becomes much worse when I turn the steering wheel, leading me to believe it has something to do with maybe the power steering, however this is just a guess. Also worth noting is that dispite the sound, the power steering still seems to be working fine (so far it hasn't become heavy or anything)

Was wondering whether anyone else had experienced any of the same problems and if a solution was found.

Also, the car was bought 2nd hand from a Dagenham Motors Ford Dealership chain and came with a 2 year warranty. I was planning on calling Ford tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone would know if such an issue would fall within the warranty and thus warrant a [b]free[/b] repair.

Thanks for any responses in advance!! :)
Sounds like the power steering pump belt or pump bearings.
Thanks for the quick response, any idea on the price of either to be replaced?

Also would you happen to know whether this kind of issue fall under warranty?
Sorry, never had the problem myself, you're best off asking a garage for a diagnosis of the fault, a quote and then go from there.
Lee Walker
We had this very recentley, tne problem (for us) was the high pressure hose for the power steering and some threaded nut (sorry I am not the most technical with cars). According to our mechanic a very common problem, especially on the Mk II. It cost us 400 all in, but that included a 100 diagnostic charge with Ford, then our independant mechanic charged 300 for the repair and labour. If you have the same issue it could be cheaper as the hose itself is not too much money or hassle to fit, our problem was the nut or whatever that needed re-threading and took a fair amount of labour (almost a full day) to sort properly.
Lee Walker
Oh, also NOT usually covered under warranty (ours was not) as high pressure items are not. Although you would need to check the fine print of your policy to be sure. Surprise surprise NOTHING has yet been covered under warranty! ;)

Oh ALSO the leaking had damaged a drive belt so THAT needed sorting too. I have found dealer warrantys are not worth the paper they are written on imho.

We survived with the problem for a while by just keeping the resevoir topped up, it got so bad in the end a litre of steering fluid was gone in 3 then was the time to bite the bullet and get it fixed. The longer its left the more damage it can do under the bonnet!
[quote name='Stoney871' timestamp='1339018583' post='186006']
Sounds like the power steering pump belt or pump bearings.

[color=#0000ff][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Do all 2.5s have electric power steering? if so do they have a pump? Not sure how the electric versions work.[/font][/size][/color]

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