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Full Version: Changing Wheels...
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Hi Guys,

Well I noticed the handling of my car the last few weeks has not been quite what it was. Finally got around to getting the meter our, and saw my front tyres are currently at just over 3mm... not illegal yet, but never the less affecting handling, so I checked the rears... 5mm!


So now I need to swap the front and rear wheels around with the least amount of hassle. I was hoping to do this myself, but I need to jack both front and rear of the car at the same time, with only one jack! so, heres the plan...

I have two old tyres sat in the garden rotting away, and I hope to jack the car up enough to get the wheels off the ground, then slide one or two tyres under the axle / subframe just to keep it off the floor, then, I want to go and jack the rear up and leave it on the jack whilst I do the old 'switcheroo'. Question is, do you think the tyres will hold the car, or is it a bit risky?
Too risky, tyres will only flex with the weigh of the car. If you wanted to do it jack up the car enough on one side and use a block of timber to that it will hold or something simillar
Thanks, Thats what I thought but I just dont have anything suitable around my place, no normal bricks or anything. I wonder how much I would be charged to pop into Kwik Fit and have them swap the wheels over...

NB Question Answered they want £31.50! to do a rebalance and replace a valve!
Just got off the phone with HiQ they recommended keeping the 5mm on the back and the 3mm on the front at least till its down further!

In that case, I will stick with it, and just keep a bit more distance between me and whoever is in front!
I don't know is that the right think to do for your own safety you'd be better off getn the front changed to back and then get new tyres then
Where are you Jeebo? Ive got a set of axle stands you can use.
It's recommended to have the most tread at the back. The average Joe has more chance of controlling a car that loses grip at the front compared to the back end sliding out.
The safest way to swap the tyres is to use the spare or space saver and take front off and swap for the space saver and then jack the rear and swap for the front wheel etc.
Or go to Qwikfit for a free brake check and get a bit necky while the wheels are off.
I'd never buy a set of wheels or anything from kwikfit for that matter, they charge extortionate rates for their tyres!
I'm not say buy anything from Qwikfit just go for a free brake test and while they're doing so cheekily ask them to rotate the wheels.
Yeah I tried that but kwikky wanted £30 to balance and align the tracking...

I agree that the most tread should be at the back though, come to think of it, come off the gas and let the road snap the tyres back in line is safer than trying to bounce back from a fishtail.

As I see it though, I will just get the tyres replaced when they get towards the 2mm direction, but this should get me through my holidays!

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