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Full Version: New Tibbe P.a.t.s. Key Fail!
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Hi, just thought I'd post a problem I have just encountered regarding a replacement key for my 2000 focus tdi.

I recently purchased a new original and uncut Ford P.A.T.S. key (blue) and then about two weeks ago went to a specialist key/alarm outfit in town to have the cutting/programming carried out there because the Ford dealership is located miles away from my location.

It took the guy about an hour to program the new key into my car after cutting and everything seemed fine untill last night when the new key failed - car wouldn't start!

Luckily I kept the old original key handy which worked fine and started the car o.k. but I'm concerned that the new key seems to have 'unlearned' without any warning.

Does anybody have any experience of this happening or should I just make a day trip to the Ford dealer to get it done there?

Advice gratefully received,
given it takes 5 minutes to programme the key it suggests the guy didnt do it right its a simple process with the computer
Bet he charged him for the hour thats why ;)
[quote name='Jinkz' timestamp='1339253526' post='186474']
Bet he charged him for the hour thats why ;)

Yes, that's what happens in a business - hourly rate applies. But I don't think the cost of the job has anything to do with the problem,eh?
actually it does since you paid good money you can call the guy back out to do the job right at there own expense simply put the key is either faulty despite being new or the programming wasnt done correctly given it is a 5 minute job to do it it would suggest the guy struggled to do the job the first time round call them and get them back out
Andy 1965
I agree with Arthur. It sounds like the guy who tried to program your key was incompetant. The fact that it took him an hour suggests that he was struggling.
A competent auto locksmith can programme the key in less than 5 minutes.
Only an idiot can biff that up so that pretty much says what that mechanic is.
I'm assuming that you only had one key to start with? If you have two original keys you can programme spares yourself on your car model.
The problem, according to the programmer is a faulty chip within the new key. He has tested it and is making enquiries how this happened apparently. He has asked me to return later today to have the problem resolved (at his cost).

I also called Ford garage and explained the situation to them, a service chap told me sometimes programming isn't just a 5 minute job as they had a problem with an older vehicle recently and the garage had to contact Ford directly to get help with a solution.

Unfortunately I only had the one key to start with hence needing the 2nd key.

Thanks for all replies.
[quote name='Andy 1965' timestamp='1339342557' post='186615']
I agree with Arthur. It sounds like the guy who tried to program your key was [color=#ff0000]incompetant[/color]. The fact that it took him an hour suggests that he was struggling.

Yes, maybe he's also[color=#008000] incompetent[/color] as well.
its not unusual to get a faulty transponder but they usually test these first before programming,as for ford they will say that to justify there prices the only issue you can get is when the ecu doesnt communicate with the computer other than that they plug in the computer press a few buttons put the key in the ignition press another button on the computer and thats it all done
Programming takes literally 5 minutes.
I had a second key done for my old Mk1 and a spare one for my current one and total time was 20 minutes (cut, code, central locking).
Usually the only problem you will get with the transponder chip is it won't code at all, very unlucky for it to initially work then play up.
I'm guessing that the chip was a reject or not brand new, that's the only things that would cause a fault.
Where did you get the key from originally? scrappys have the habit of collecting all the keys of dead cars and just flogging them on eBay not caring if they will work or not.
The only way to go is to always buy guaranteed brand new keys.
Hi Stoney, the replacement key was/is an original uncut Ford item still in the sealed plastic bag. The programmer had trouble when he tried to program this key and resorted to removing the original chip and then replacing with one of his own stock.
I don't know why the original chip wouldn't work but spent most of the time trying to get it programmed before changing to one of his and that did work for a short time as I mentioned.

The job has been fixed now.

Thanks for all replies.

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