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Full Version: Photoshop Wanted :)
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Hi Guys,

I was trailing through a few websites and something clicked in my head..

X5 wheels on a mk1 Focus? Is it possible?
I haven't got a picture of my Focus at te moment but i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find one :D
if someone does do this, obviously the car should be lowered!

Thanks in advance

Here's a quick photoshop for you. With very low profile tyres! ^_^ But i'll leave the "is it possible" question to the other guys as im no pro at that part haha!

woah, i love that!!
what do you think about it?

also, nice handy work, thanks a lot ^_^
You're welcome!

In all honesty, im not really one for changing wheels (unless the standard ones are butt ugly) but the beemer wheels are great and do suit the car. And having the car lowered just about the right height finishes it off nicely. :)
I'm 50/50 with that to be honest! If you're going to change them, why not be mega different?!

Only downside to these are the tyres - OUCH!
Personal preference tbh, I like to be different but not too OTT!

Yeah I wouldn't like to hit a pothole with those low pros! *ouch* :blink:
yea, but different enough to look good!

Oh my I didn't even think about that. I hate pothole's as it is with my 17's. <_<
Yeah i agree there! Haha, and i hate them enough with my 16's!

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